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i hope ethereum will surpass bitcoin one day. because ethereum is alot better!
theres decentrelized applications being build for the ethereum platform as we speak.
imagine a pokerapp without a third party with the ability to include maliscious code to rig the game, because the underlying code is free for everyone to see..
opensource and decentralized applications are the future, wether you like it or not. ethereum is my safe haven.
Komen: hoping something like this happens.
Komen: comparing bitcoin to eth:

current market cap:
Ethereum: $8,439,762,360
Bitcoin: $29,405,006,561

current circulating coin supply:
Ethereum: 91,534,376 ETH
Bitcoin: 16,325,050 BTC
Komen: i've been adding more to my ethreum stash as we are going up
In fact, this chart provides a different perspective of the market. This type of charting idea never passed through my mind. It is always good to keep in touch with professional traders.
Thank you for sharing this chart. Continue your good work.
So, you do not think it will retest the $70's?
Bago golfballa
@golfballa, possible but doubtful from what i see developing , i don't take leveraged trades on crypto.. i trade coins when it comes to cryptocurrency, so i only take longs 1:1 .. i have been long on ethereum since ~40 .. all we can do is guess and i wouldn't want take shorts on most cryptocurrencies..
@Bago, Me too, I am trying to buy cheap
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Bago golfballa
@golfballa, still hasn't revisited the ~70's .. i want to see market cap increase soon ;)
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