ETHEREUM 4Hr: Kelt and Levels

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I've been very Bullish on ETH since Bitcoin was trading around $600 7 weeks back. Called $2k eoy seems that hit sooner than I thought. ETH on the other hand was trading $8-$12 range now $139 ATH . I called this going to $300 Eoy might eat my words but I'm quite ok with that. :) I'm using 4hr chart with Keltner Channels as I use this strategy trading stocks and has given nothing but amazing results.

BTC every ATH break you'll notice ETH will pull back lightly then rip $10-$30 which happened again. LTC gets weaker the higher BTC moves. Still learning the pattern there.

ETH I see $150 happening overnight. But short term next 10 days $160-$170. Around $150 I want to take profits an ride the rest to $300. What gets me is it'll become aggressive and head to $1k by next May 2018.

So to hold all or add pullbacks is not out the question.
Komen: Continues to climb higher. Riding the upper Kelt Channel
This one has surprised me in its speed and pace. I'm a HODLer, and might not sell til it hits $1000. If then.

Pullback possible - but the steady volume of news at Consensus will likely drive the big, enterprise players much higher.
You don't think there will be a major pull back before heading up towards 150-160 in the next few days ?
@simonklasz, to be honest I think the momentum is just getting started. Ive been watching this volume bars and the wicks created. they are buying but in some sense adding this dips. maybe $200 is there mark.
simonklasz TheTradingNinja
@TheTradingNinja, yeah volume is mad right now . The pump has to end somewhere , I predict 150 tonight for sure
@simonklasz, your right about it ending $150 breaks +5-10 should see $170 tonight
simonklasz TheTradingNinja
@TheTradingNinja, The tough question is when do you actually sell and take profits and keep the rest for the ride to 300 . What are your thoughts if it hits 170 tonight will you be selling ?
@simonklasz, to be honest depending on how strong it gets after $150 ill probably ride to $170-$200 and start chipping
I'm thinking of cutting half and dip buy until I can ride with 100% of position again .this $140 level is interesting.
simonklasz TheTradingNinja
@TheTradingNinja, per your chart using the channels , if it passes 150 what's the next est target on the graph ? $170 and then a possible pull back to 150? Or do you think the pullback will be even greater ?
simonklasz TheTradingNinja
@TheTradingNinja, can you please explain what you mean by "chipping "
@simonklasz, meant ripping* sorry
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