ETHUSD Perspective And Levels:320 Break Will Confirm Lower High.

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dolar
ETHUSD update: There is a minor higher low at 320 but the current price failure renders it insignificant because the high of this bullish swing has peaked just under the 346 to 367 resistance zone . Plus the ETHBTC price action has failed below its corresponding resistance. I interpret these signs to mean near term bearish momentum is more likely.

First let me say that in the long term, I am bullish on this market which means as a buy and hold, it is a good idea. If that is your goal then the most value that you will get from my analysis is when to add to your position. And for those with very limited knowledge of trading, my analysis is short term and best used for day trading or swing trading strategies which focus on near term fluctuations.

My evaluation is an interpretation of the clues that price action offers and the goal is to estimate the PROBABILITIES of what price action is more likely to do next in the short term. It is not about being "right", it is about "listening" to the market and ADJUSTING when it provides new information. I feel the need to write this because it appears there are some in this community who still have a very limited understanding of the inner workings of financial markets and the value of technical analysis . I welcome criticism, but if you cannot provide a detailed analysis and explain the reasoning behind your perspective to the community, then you are not providing any value to those who are trying to educate themselves further so please be considerate.

On that note, let's talk about the current price situation. There is a minor higher low at the 320 level and now a failed high at 340 on this time frame. This is bearish because higher lows often lead to higher highs, NOT failed highs. This coupled with the fact that the recent bullish swing has peaked just under the 346 to 367 resistance (.618 of recent bearish swing) also adds to the argument that this market is more likely forming a lower high compared to the 392 level.

If price breaks below 320, this market is more likely to see the 309 support, and possibly the 292 to 281 area as well because lower highs often lead to lower prices. It is even possible to still see a retest of the 260 area. Upon a retest of any of these supports IF price stabilizes, it will likely be building a broad higher low which would offer an attractive swing trade opportunity to get long. If I see that scenario unfolding I will evaluate the risk at that time.

What also adds to the retest argument is the fact that ETHBTC is not supportive at all. Just like it signaled the price failure of this market days BEFORE the China news. Keep in mind I am not going to make decisions based on this alone, but I would like to see more supportive price action from this pair if I was looking to take a new position.

Keep in mind, if price some how finds the strength to push above 340, that would be a bullish breakout. The reason why I will not take that trade is because the 346 resistance is just above and not worth the risk. It would need a strong catalyst to catapult it through that resistance zone so I prefer to wait for a more attractive support level and I am willing to miss it if the retrace that I am waiting for never unfolds. Managing risk is more important so I prefer to wait until the environment is more favorable.

In summary, this market still maintains its long term bullish structure. It is just that price is lacking the bullish momentum that many are hoping for. Upon a retest of the supports mentioned earlier, if they can show stability (like a reversal pattern or bullish candle formation), that would establish a larger degree higher low which would then open the door to a retest of the 346 to 367 resistance zone . And a break of that will likely take this market to a new high. It just doesn't have the structure in place at the moment, so I define the scenario I would like to see and then I wait for more clues.

Comments and questions welcome.

Marc Principato, CMT |Author: Analyze Any Financial Market Like The Pros Using Price Action| | Cofounder (S.C.)

Your level of accuracy is off charts...
+1 Balas
Raffozor gciriaco
@gciriaco, is just incredible wow
+1 Balas
@Raffozor, thank you. All I am doing is interpreting the clues that the market provides. It is all in the price action.
@gciriaco, thank you. I am glad you can appreciate my analysis.
Those fantastic entry points should be here shortly. BTW - Thanks for all the great write-ups as of late. They've been a tremendous help!
+1 Balas
MarcPMarkets sjmorris86
@sjmorris86, you're welcome. I am glad you find my evaluation helpful.
Thx for your insight, i Am waiting for the dip.
MarcPMarkets LisboaGrande
@LisboaGrande, hehe your wait is over.
Love it Marc. You should start doing some analysis about BTC as well, your follower count will rise greatly then and I and others would love to hear your thoughts on it.
@HM0ney, I have analyzed BTCUSD and ETHBTC and the views are usually much lower on those. I don't understand why.
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