Ethereum follows Bitcoin's recent bullish movement

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dolar
Bitcoin made it's moves. Now it's also time for Ethereum to shine - a bit. At least we can say seeing the potential is has.

Let's begin with what happened recently: We had a bounce at the MA50 just as Bitcoin did and Ethereum moved up. There is even a breakout of the big trendline (after breakout there might be a little consolidation.

What comes next is probably an uptrend to ~660 level - for now. At ~660 USD there are two big resistances: a) fibonacci level and b) MA200.

Seeing how high the potential with MACD is, we can say that it could work out. It appears that there is a MACD cross coming marking another up move and RSI is also still not in oversold area.

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