/!\ BULLISH -> Ascending triangle $ETH -> 3 possible trades $$$

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dolar
Hey, are you ready folks?

Trade 1: Short term if you bougth the initial breakout, set a tight TP in the Trade 1 TP zone indicated on the chart.
Trade 2: if you missed the initial breakout of Trade 1, just wait 3-5 days more than set your buy limit zone on Trade 2 buy zone... still good changes to catch this and scalp an easy 20% profit...

Trade 3: -> mid term 1-2-3 months... Just wait for the massive symmetrical triangle to breakout by the top and there's then a clear road to the $600 zone.
- Set several take profits in the green zone, dont wait for $620 to cash in!

/!\ When a breakout occurs, let it confirm (+3% or 2-3 days), it needs to have significant volume , if not, this might not be a real breakout.
/!\ Keep an eye on the volumes overall ... We want to see increasing volumes in the coming 10 days until end of Nov, if not the pattern is not really valid.

Be wise, trade at your own risks, only invest max 5% of your investment portfolio in a single trade!

Please share and comment! Happy to answer questions.

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Perdagangan aktif: Get your fingers ready to take your profit for those who followed on trade #1 !

Then strong resistance on the $400 mark... We cannot be sure of what is coming next... Either we break the triangle and this will continue... Or we might the triangle resistance and back to the possibility of Trade 2.

Be wise, take profit and get back in at the right time !

Have a nice day!
Perdagangan aktif: Don't forget to Take Profit on trade 1...

Let's follow our plan!
Perdagangan aktif: OK, so we already secure +20% on Trade 1 !!! Well done for those who followed !

The breakout for the Trade 3 scenario seems confirmed.
Medium term we'll hit the $620 target. I'd like to see good sustained volumes in the next 2-3 days to make sure we clear the 400-420 zone in a clean way!

Go baby go!
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