Longer-Term Upside Potential

FX:EURNZD   Fx Euro/Dolar New Zealand
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As we know, many traders are actively looking out for the great Long opportunity in EURAUD pair as of now; but in my opinion, a Long opportunity in EURNZD could have even more potential; due to the fact that the AUDNZD pair could be in for a longer-term reversal (to the upside) pretty soon (which means...)...

Here EURNZD is a pair which I will only be strictly eyeing for (Long opportunities/signals only).

Other pairs in my "hot-list" currently:

NZDCAD 0.21% (Short)

GBPNZD -0.34% (Long)

GBPUSD 0.06% (Long)

USDMXN 0.49% (Short)

EURMXN 0.39% (Short)

EURNZD -0.44% (Long)

AUDNZD 0.21% (Long)

*For each of the above pairs; I will be looking out strictly either for the Long or Short opportunities only (in the 5mins chart; I will get in once I received a signal & then be ready to secure the trade with BE-SL or TL-SL, & then just let the trade run; if I should get stopped-out; then I will keep on re-entering again & again on-signal-based).

Best regards.
Komen: Currently this pair is having a "Sell signal" in the 5mins chart. In addition, the AUDNZD pair is also having a "Sell signal" currently as well!

So strictly no Longs for this pair yet; as well as for AUDNZD pair, for now.

When the buy opportunity do come in (hopefully coming Monday), then I will pounce on the opportunity to go Long!

Best regards.
Komen: In case if you are wondering as to "what shall be a Buy signal?"

- The most "simple" method will be to use Heiken-Ashi Candlesticks; just lookout for a series of Green-color candlesticks formation (in higher timeframes like the 1hr chart for example) - to have a confirmation for a Long.

- Another method is to use ZigZags (indicator); I personally use a series of custom ZigZags that defines the primary wave & also the secondary waves; so if the primary wave is Up (which will 1st need to be formed by price-action ofcourse), then I can wait for a secondary wave to form Downwards 1st - to Long a Downside pullback/retracement/correction; for the main trade Up (the primary wave direction). The ZigZags (2 sets) must be customized/set correctly, appropriately, & accurately.

- Another option is to use moving average(s) (which must also be set correctly, appropriately, & accurately). I personally use my own custom moving averages (such as the Non Lag Moving Average Version 6) on higher timeframes like the 1hr chart; together with the Heiken Ashi candlesticks if you need to.

Komen: Forgot to mention above that my custom ZigZags works quite perfectly in the 5mins chart (zoomed all the way out); it is by far the best timeframe for a confirmation signal, for the pairs of ZigZags that I'm currently using, based on my experience.

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