Ranges, more ranges…

FX:EURUSD   Fx Euro/Dolar U.S.
1, There will be a long lots squeezing below 1.04.
2, Take a breath and dive again.
3, Some labels deleted from chart for conservation.
4, There will be a long trap next year.
5, Harmonic patterns are most suggested here.
6, Now, ECB buying more funds for replacing the hole of pausing buying from 22 Dec. 2015 to 1 Jan. 2016.
7, FRB will not rise rates, it’s trigging first bounce and from 22-1 second bounce.
8, Target 1.2000 ECB helps reaching inflation target 2% and FRB rises rates in spring 2016 as a tridition rising season.
9, Take profits from those are longing stocks or risk pairs and risk assets before 16 Dec. 2015 and buy them agan in 2016.
Thank you for your LIKES!
Komen: From my DXY analisys: (DXY, SPX500, new high)
1, Double harmonic buttefly is forming in daily and weekly. Be careful here now. A butterlfy is a usually seen pattern from chart USDJPY or DXY and Nikkei225 as well.
2, A DXY new high will be there for Chrismas gifts. EURO new low should be a washing out.
3, Watching out XAU and EURJPY dropping to new low, a chance too.
Komen: I want to warn your guys, there are too much long here, tonight a washing out cloud happen. Be careful.
Komen: After 1.0461- 1.0100 area cleared and if a small retrace retest 1.0461, next impulse will target 0.9500. And guess what, global stocks are soaring up to new high for marry Christmas gifts.
Komen: Fxcm USdollar index is supported at key lower channel 12040, be careful a snack back. EURGBP looks like a 50-O which means trend retest low.
Komen: Keep eyes on dollar index 12040 key lower channel support. It's a trend change signal if it's broken. Good for euro pairs and commodities prices and safe haven assets, bad for stocks and us dollar DXY USDJPY and risk assets. I think 2016 is not a bear's year, not a bull's year but a monkey year, just like it jumps and climbs up and down, a big range market year. DXY could form a expanded triangle and euro as well.
Komen: This analysis is discarded now. Please see my "in case FRB rises rates 0.5%" for updates. In fact
they rose rates by 25%. Also please see my "from long term view" analysis of USdollar index.
Komen: It's the idea "Looking big picture, FRB votes soon anything is possible."
Komen: This analysis is alive now. I think FRB started supplying the market, an intervention of course. The inflation finally comes true.
Komen: After G20 2 scenarios are both possible and the time could take 5 years for reaching target. Gold price has been proved a reversal. The worst prepare for the risks. If inflation losts control, we'll see EUR, Gold, indexes are all very high until the big crash.
Another scenario
Komen: Case closure.
Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Form my long term DXY chart.
I think ECB is very kind of this move, because they’re giving money to spculations.
Good! I also think that the price needs a spike below before an upside run.
Victor.Y.F Scloneh
Thank you for your comment and like this idea. I think from 1.0818 below there many long lots stacked there 400 pips will not wash those lots out. There should be a wash out there.
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