EURUSD : Rectangular channeling with Volume

FX:EURUSD   Fx Euro/Dolar U.S.
Here is our next setup in 15 mins, after the Bear gartleys run of 150 pips, another breakout setup for us. I booked profits at target 2, but if you guys trailed stops its 150 pips in your pocket. Anyway Past is past, so don't get tempted for the same now, we will have what's available to us.

I'm looking for this breakout in Eurusd , its almost replica of the pattern we have in Gold . Both gold & euro pairs have usd, so a breakout will make them move insync I expect. Its only expectation. So wait patiently for this trade to give the breakout just be careful about the upside breakout, as long as eurusd remains below 1.0630's it will move down. Lets see what happens...

Happy Trading & Happy Friday !
Komen: Book partial profits, If anyone entered upside breakout and trail your stops
Komen: Will this Bearish Bat pushdown EurUsd ?
Not likely to fall anymore. Look at EURCHF - today morning 4 big green candlesticks on M15! Look at EURGBP, they have positive correlation, as you may know. And look at USDJPY that's falling . Negative correlation. So, how will EURUSD fall by these conditions?
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InsiderB MarkSterensohn
@MarkSterensohn, I agree with your points about eurchf,eurgbp & usdjpy and its ok that you can derive this conclusion. But what bothers Me is we are looking at smaller timeframes { 15mins } won't tell us long term trend, Moreover I prefer trade setups to trade instead of long termview. Hope I have clarified without taking a stand against your point :)
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