It looks simple but it does so much for you...

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Since this is the first "KS Method" trade this week, I thought that it would be helpful to go through the elements of the trading checklist and see why we do each of them. The KS Method is easy at face value but it has so much in it so just learning and applying it will do so much for your results.

Please do not trade with me this week for the pips. We can do better using all of the PanOptic Method. Trade with me to get a hands on feel of why and how I do this.

Good luck
Komen: This chart is also a trade. However, please only use a small lot size as the objective is to learn not to make money here. If I were to trade this using the PanOptic Method (complete), I would change some things but nothing major....
Komen: How would I change this trade if I was trading the PanOptic Method:
1. I would sell in sell zone 3
2. I would choose a level 1 signal to enter
3. I would minimize my risk by having my stop above the high just before the sell
Otherwise, the trade would be the same.
So you can see that the KS Method is the basis on which you build the trade only with a few more optimizations here and there
Komen: Breaking the last period lows at the beginning of any session and then reversing in the other direction is a sign of possible grave danger and must always be considered as it could be a bear trap. We must now be very vigilant as to the developments of our trade...
Komen: The 7th step in our process is to repeat the cycle again. So you must check your trade and update your understanding of the environment. The last comment was discovered while doing the 6th step
Komen: No action is currently required...
Komen: Heading towards KS. You should have your order (a small one please) exactly at KS..
Komen: Be careful ..
we have just hit the dynamic KS. This is not where we will take our order. We will take it at the static KS
Komen: Still waiting for the entry...
Komen: Once we reach KS, expect that we will go above it. So be prepared for that please..
Komen: The situation is becoming a bit complex. After 1 single candle, a break of today's high will turn the KS to bullish. So how will we handle these developments...
Please do share your ideas ...
Komen: My order is triggered..
Pesanan dibatalkan: Please be aware that all my orders are no longer active. So please manage your orders accordingly
Komen: We will continue this week of KS Method trading once I get settled. I'll inform you.

Starting the 1st of August, I will only publish private charts. You can only access them from my twitter account (@PanOptic_Method) and my blog (still in development). I am also trying to figure out how to work Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Ichimoku.PanOpt...).
Why are you leaving TV ???
not leaving just re-organizing my situation here
br0qn Ichimoku_Trader
@Ichimoku_Trader, awaiting your twitter posts.

Is twitter easier for you to follow?
br0qn Ichimoku_Trader
@Ichimoku_Trader, Twitter or TradingView works perfectly fine!

Great to hear
logiklol TheZabisyu
Hi somebody have a video for explain the ichimoku method?it look like really interesting strategy , thanks
NeoRa NeoRa
Your comments will be appreciated,thanks
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