(4h) Clusters // Eventual Bat and a 5Elliott Synced // IF=THEN ®

FX:EURUSD   Fx Euro/Dolar U.S.

From left to right:

ABC correction - at pink, then we have a perfect elliott waves ratios IF we do not count with the news wick from previous week, and count the close price.

Elliott 5 waves movement - the black line*
Wave 1 followed by a correction at 61.8% fib forging wave 2, then a new wave, eventual wave 3 at 161% extension of wave 1, now we have a new pull back, lets see if it crosses the higher of wave 1, and IF wave 5 "is" = to wave 1, so, start to measure ;) - at the same price zone we should have the completed Bat pattern .

Also, IF this is not a 5 waves impulse, it could be a larger ABC correction - blue line**, and we can say also, eventualy an AB=CD pattern at 141% extension inside cluster zone.

I will ignore this waves count, if the market print a close price below wave 1 high's, and that will give me signs of a possible bearish momentum approaching.

Please, take in consideration the ratios are not guaranteed, and that elliott waves are much more complicated than this default ratios that i am using as study. This is just an orientation.

Safe Trades;

Great call
A very promising analysis and wonderful forecast !! Congrats dude !!!
waterman waterman
And Thanks !!!
Great, thanks :)
So far it worked. Now let's see !
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