Markets are not chaos.There is order. Squared . Gann angles .

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I study Market Traders Institute . Trade Empowered on Youtube . I am technical trader . Did alot of research on the internet and Youtube . This Gann box will prove that prices do not move chaotic . I squared date 1/5/2016 low . Squared high 2/11/2016 . Just like nature , a snow flake has a pattern . Then we are also in a pattern or cycle . I drove 18 wheelers for 17 years . Did you know vehicle accident rates have a cycle also . They peak two times per year . The first between December , January . The second between June and july . Lets see what have happens thru the square . God Bless
bravo, great to see application with Gann
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The 1/1 line is the crux of this calculation, though in this chart it seems haphazardly drawn, or am I wrong?
Yes . It kinda off alignment . I tried to finish as quick as I can . But the idea is to square 1x1 with 1/5/2016 low . Squared high 2/11/2016 . William Delbert Gann a very astute mathematician and 33rd Freemason . Math is equal to geometry . Geometry is equal to math . So above , so is below . Goto my youtube channel . I do lots of research there . Trying to share a photo on my MT4 . See I can figure this out ? Peace
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so it will go to Long or Bear?
At this moment . The current trend was short 2/11/2016 . I got out to early . Hope this photo speaks more than I can say . Better to share the photo on Meta Trader 4 . I do lots of lines . : )
interesting point of view
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