Feathercoin (FTC) Good Buy, A Relic (520% Profits potential)

BITTREX:FTCBTC   Feathercoin / Bitcoin
This is one of the oldest coins. Feathercoin (FTC) is a true relic in the cryptocurrency markets. Let’s see what we can do about it.

The charts are looking good for us, but some fundamentals first:

- What seems to be the lead developer of Feathercoin (FTC) is just getting back to work on this project. “News, run, we are about to make lots of money, somebody posted something on Twitter!!!”.
- Feathercoin is releasing a new client, an update to its current codes.
- Feathercoin is using Bitcoins             codes and will activate Segregated Witness, which will allow for new tools to be implemented.
- Rank#192 on Coinmarketcap at the time of this writing.
- It was released around April of 2013. Added to Bittrex on February 2014.

Feathercoin (FTC) Technical Analysis and Trade Instructions

*** Trade instructions

Buy-in: 0.00002900 – 0.00003900

Stop-loss: 0.00002479


(1) 0.00004926
(2) 0.00007510
(3) 0.00011600
(4) 0.00014650

Notes: All time high reached on April 25, 2016 @ 0.00018499.

*** Indicators

- FTC broke-out back in October 2017 and has been on an uptrend since.
- The daily chart shows that FTC is trading on an ascending channel .
- The indicators on the daily chart are showing bullish signals and plenty of room for growth.
- This coin volume is also low, which allows for more room for growth.
- The weekly chart is very clear, we are positive for long.
- The MACD just crossed over on the weekly chart and it is in the bullish zone.

*** Message of the day

I am sharing my energy with the world today.

I am open to giving and receiving, that’s why I pray.

I am open to share a portion of my heart here with you.

I would like to show you my essence, all you need to know, is believe that this is true.

I would like show myself, in a form that you have never seen before.

You can choose to see me. You need to use your love and trust.

Finally we get to meet each other for another day.

This is just a short message, just to let you know that I am here to stay.

To stay in this world until all of my dreams and goals are met.

Until you can accomplish yours.

Until we can all be together again.

Komen: We are still almost within buy-in range. This is a long term trade, and profits will be good, as always. You can benefit by just buying and waiting.
Komen: We are within buy in range. This is a very easy hold.
The charts are still accumulating, for the next run.

So hold patiently. I will give you a chart update in a few days when the action starts again.
Komen: Like all of the trades I updated recently, this one is in a period of consolidation. This can end next week or it can take another week before we have enough strength to take off. In the meantime, we are still within the ascending channel.
Komen: Our FTC trade is still within the uptrend ascending channel and above the stop loss. So this trade is safe, this trade remains active.
Komen: I am holding this and every other trade.
We are in a market wide correction, and for this we halted trading for a few days.

Bitcoin bounced from support and right now we are waiting to see if this support level will be re-tested.

We need to allow a few more days to know how things will turn out. To get better and stronger signals.

The altcoins are looking better now but still have a way to go.
For now, we hold patiently. We hold strong.

P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you! - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


Mantra: Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem
I wonder if it make sense looking at all those chart BTC based considering what is happening. I mean if I set a target of 1 BTC for my coin one day with BTC=10k€ and after some days my coin is up to 2 BTC I can say I have made profit only if the BTC is still at 10k or more, but if BTC has lost half his price I have made no profit at all and maybe I'm loosing money.
antharanda2 claude.bazzucchi
@claude.bazzucchi, very interesting point
claude.bazzucchi antharanda2
claude.bazzucchi antharanda2
@antharanda2, Sorry for previous empty comment, a mistake. Anyway I think that we should look always look at our base currency also, above all for the targets, because the target could be profitable or not depending on the BTC value that change continuosly.
Any news for this coin?
Any prospects for this coin? I am very curious what it is going to do.
I am heavily into this coin - If the developer really comes back to FTC, it will explode.
+1 Balas
autm88 JColeud
@JColeud, So the developer of FTC coming back is still a rumor? I thought it was a done deal.
@autm88, Sorry for the late response. It's confirmed by Peter via the telegram channel, he is definitely back on the FTC project!
autm88 JColeud
@JColeud, Great to know. Thanks. ;-)
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