$FTSE: Interim Bulls Eye 7296.16; Large Geo Calls For LT Decline

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1 - Limited downside risk per Predictive/Forecasting Model
2 - Predictive/Forecasting Model eyes 7296.19
3 - large developing geometry complies with internal construction of Geo
4 - Internal ab = cd nears "Model" target
5 - Internal inverted H&S in near alignment with reciprocal ab = cd symmetry
6 - Reversal probable at WL target
7 - Invalidation confirmed if price BACA < 4442.30


David Alcindor, CMT Affiliate #227974
- Alias: 4xForecaster (Twitter)
Komen: 12 JUL 2016 - Chart Update / Tech-Note:

As per forecast, price continues to make higher-highs, getting closer to 7296.19 target - No change in overall forecast:


David Alcindor, CMT #227974
- Alias: 4xForecaster (Twitter)
Komen: 03 AUG 2016 - Chart Update / tech-Note:

TWO important notes here:
- FIRST and foremost, the Predictive/Forecasting Model is refining above WL at a HIGHER level - See following WEEKLY chart:

- SECOND: The DAILY chart is offering a probable price pathway, as shown in the following:

In essence, look for an interim decline to the 6300, down to, but improbably below the 6065.81 level ... Bullish entrenchment is likely to stomp bears in this defined range.

As indicated in the first note above, the Watch Line ("WL") level has been refined to a loftie level, from the original defined at 7296.19 on 27 JUN 2016, to 7574.09 today: 02 AUG 2016.


David Alcindor, CMT Affiliate #227974
Komen: 21 AUG 2016 - Chart Update / Tech-Note:

Price rose and continues to do so, as per forecast 2 months ago (on 27 JUN 2016). Whereas original bullish target remains intact and in force at 7296.19, the secondary bullish target has superceded the original target and remains the probable level of attainment, resting loftily at 7574.09, as defined more recently on 02 AUG 2016:

CROW Code students - Consider the first element of the Tail as suggesting a probable interim decline. Looking at price action itself, it appears that the advance respects the impulse type of Elliott Wave, and that an interim correction should thus precede a final advance. This last advance would complete the second element of the CROW-Tail and prepare the entire CROW for a failure at or near the target. Only then would the CROW Cycle be complete.

Service signal clients - A watch, alert or signal would be released if and once a relevant probability event were to occur. At this point, I would watch and keep on guard against a probable - albeit limited - decline in price, prior to a final significant advance.


David Alcindor
CMT Affiliate #227974
Alias: 4xForecaster (on Twitter.com)
Komen: 21 AUG 2016 - ADDENDUM:

Here is the overall WEEKLY chart illustrating the refined WL level:


Komen: 21 AUG 2016 - ADDENDUM:

Following chart illustrates a possible price pathway. Watch for 7000.71 as possible level of interim retracement (not reversal) - Target not expected into 2017 (early APR to late AUG 2017, very speculatively speaking):


Komen: 03 OCT 2016 - Chart Update / Tech-Note:

While the interim decline expected in the shorter-term DAILY chart did not occur, bulls have remained at work in the WEEKLY chart, carving out higher-highs and higher-lows.

Overall, 7574.09 remains intact and in force, eyeing past the original 7296 forecast:

David Alcindor
Twitter's #CROWSignalService Source
Komen: 10 JAN 2017 - Chart update / Tech-Note:

Original forecast released on 27 JUN 2016 is nearing completion, as price climbed ever closer to the initial targets along a bullish motive wave:

Expect significant resistance at the 7296.19 handle. However, refinement of that target made this past AUG 2016 suggests probable attainment of a loftier target at 7574.09.

Following this target, CROW Code Model calls for a significant push-back, and a probable reversal.

In terms of geometric development, this would effectively complete a Wolfe Wave (see Mr. Bill Wolfe's namesaked pattern on his site: WolfeWave.com), whereas a dominant Geo pattern awaits 5-prime validation.

Per the Geo's OffSet Rule, this would call for a high-probability target at price level corresponding to the level of Point-4, although a deeper resolution would be expected following this decline.

More on these patterns, geometries and comments following the #CROWSignalService hashtag on Twitter.

Will return on this page if finer grain can be brought to this reversal call.

Happy New Year, and thank you for reading along. Much appreciated.

David Alcindor
CMT Affiliate #227974
Komen: 13 JAN 2017 - Chart Update: TARGET HIT

Target defined this past JUN 2016 got hit as forecast. Loftier target remains unanswered ... Expect a hit of this target:

Updated on Twitter's #CROWSignalService.

Thank you!

David Alcindor
CMT Affiliate #227974
Hi David, do you think it will reverse soon? I was following your NASX comments as well but it keeps pushing up. Would FTSE do the same? What is your opinion?
Once more, right on! Hats off...
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@plok, - Thank you Plok for noticing.

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