When trading in a small account, it is very important to be efficient with the capital used. That is why, even though is not the optimal trade we are forced to trade using defined risk strategies like Iron Condors.

This is the continuation of the portfolio started in our How to trade options series, where we start a portfolio from scratch. We started a $5,000 account and added 4 different trades. I closed 2 of those yesterday, open 2 new ones and defended one that was tested.

The first management was closing trades with 3 weeks from the expiration date to reduce risk. We closed trades on QQQ and on XLU .
Then we look for new trades and explained in the video how I chose the new trades and how to manage them.
Also explained the impact of commissions when trading with a small account vs a bigger account and lastly we defended a trade that is going against us.

Watch the video explanation for details:
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