NeoGas future.How u see it?

Im astounded by undervalue of this asset, or i think that way because im just deluded and biased bag holder? :D ,so i want u to help me understand if this main utility tool in NEO ecosystem will be as big as i think it will.
I started to accumulate this token by increasing demand and development of antshares/neo, tho i dont see much interest from majority of crypto players ,no matter that this token have such small cap of supply which deflates witch each and every neochain assets transaction or modification(keep in mind that neo icos are popping like shrooms after the good rain).I believe GAS will be more valuable then NEO , not because of x10 lower supply rate but because neo produce gas slowely and hasnt even started to consume it with this day 0 fee on transaction,and lack of movable / interactable ,while neo is governing token GAS is the main player in the ecosystem.
So im expecting at least x3 price increase in following months because of new assets in play .What im missing here or im correct and gas is really undervalued with best entry point now and soon we see sudden price spikes after more icos will finish,neon wallet updates for asset holding and exchanges start to list ?
Share your thoughts,speculations or biases about this asset and his future
P.s im green to Trading view and picture isnt relevant by more than gas price on posting date (and english isnt my native , i learning not just TA now )
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