10 Most Common Psychological Trading Issues!

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Here is a list of Psychological Issues which a trader face in trading world! If you are able to overcome these situation you will become a good trader!
Komen: 1. Fear Of Being Stopped Out Or Fear Of Taking A Loss:
The usual reason for this is that the trader fears failure and feels like he or she cannot take another loss. The trader’s ego is at stake.

2. Getting Out Of Trades Too Early:
Relieving anxiety by closing a position. Fear of position reversing and then feeling let down. Need for instant gratification.

3. Wishing And Hoping:
Not wanting to take control or take responsibility for the trade. Inability to accept the present reality of the market place.

4. Adding On To A Losing Position (Doubling Down):
Not wanting to admit your trade is wrong. Hoping it will come back. Again, ego is at stake.

5. Anger After A Losing Trade:
The feeling of being a victim of the markets. Unrealistic expectations. Caring too much about a specific trade. Tying your self-worth to your success in the markets. Needing approval from the markets.
Komen: 6. Trading Too Much:
Need to conquer the market. Greed. Trying to get even with the market for a previous loss, which lead towards bigger loss.

7. Not Following Your Proven Trading System:
You don’t believe it really works. You did not test it well. It does not match your personality. You want more excitement in your trading. You don’t trust your own ability to choose a successful system.

8. Not Trading The Correct Position Size:
Dreaming the trade will be only profitable. Not fully recognizing the risk and not understanding the importance of money management. Refusing to take responsibility for managing your risk.

9. Trading With Money You Cannot Afford To Lose Or Trading With Borrowed Money. Last hope at success. Trying to be successful at something. Fear of losing your chance at opportunity. No discipline. Greed. Desperation.

10. Over Thinking The Trade, Second Guessing Your Trading Signals:
Fear of loss or being wrong. Wanting a sure thing where sure things don’t exist. Not understanding that loss is a part of trading and the outcome of each trade is unknown. Not accepting there is risk in trading. Not accepting the unknown.
Komen: Note: There are some rules & things which can help you to overcome these situations! if you people ask I will post that too!


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I faced it.. thank you very much
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WaveExpert ImNinjaTurtle
I have been a broker for most of the eighties, and I can only agree with your post.
happy trading
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WaveExpert Schnauzel
Glad to hear that! Happy trading!
+1 Balas
Thank you so much!!
WaveExpert guti142008
You're welcome!
+1 Balas
these 'buzzfeed' posts are taking credibility away from tradingview
+1 Balas
Thank you Sir
WaveExpert esgreen
+1 Balas
needed this! thank you!
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