Can a Gold Bear Market Last Another 15 Years

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Been doing all evening and half way into the night so will fill this out with details and sources/references tomorrow, but wanted to publish so I can send link to friends.... Stay Tuned.
(If you see mistakes - Even Spelling, please comment)
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Very intersting I love these long term charts. Can you do another Bitcoin chart?
Is there a Head and Shoulder between Oct 2008 and 0ct 2015, yes the price will fall aroun 500 USD.
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The charts aren't an exact match, for example in early 80's price retested neckline of the high, this hasn't happened (yet) in present day, so if we are following it as an example price of Gold needs to hit 1500 neckline before resuming downtrend
the diagramm same BTCUSD.EMA 50 and EMA 200 like BTC 2018.03.07. GOLD GOLD both.

You think the next 15 years we will see no stock market recession?
I followed gold bugs for years and have traded precious metals stocks for years.
Gold bugs have always made outlandish predictions about the collapse of the fiat system and gold going to the moon.
It's an apocalyptic mentality based on the assumption that the current system will suddenly in one day or week or month or year fall in a heap.
Apparently, only the gold bugs will survive, shelling out 1/10oz coins from their hoards for their daily needs while everyone else starves.
The problem with central banking is not that it's largely fiat, it's the debt and interest on debt and the systemic failure of the monetary system to generate economic activity for the middle class.
There is also anti-growth environmentalism (the Anti-Carbon Crusade) with its regulatory stranglehold on nations - another thing Trump is trying to deal with.
There has to come a stage where certain debt is dealt with i.e. cancelled.
Cryptocurrencies can also play a major part in reinvigorating economies everywhere i.e. a new type of monetary system.
Thank you for the excellent analysis. However, I am not sure the "we are here" matches. This is because the current unemployment rate, economic conditions, gdp, inflation, and interest rate conditions do not match that time period.
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its a nice analysis....
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