GNTBTC - solid buy and hold

POLONIEX:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
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I'm a big believer in identifying repeatable patterns. We have many arcs which tend to lead to breakouts, within a long bull channel . I see no reason for this pattern to slow down. GNTBTC appears slow and the Tortoise. *spoiler alert* the tortoise wins. Find dips within this pattern and accumulate. Longer term, less excitement play. Shorter term cup and handle forming as well...fwiw.
Komen: People asking me for specific targets. I am NOT giving specific targets. You see the pattern, buy within the pattern when it makes sense. If it breaks support line to downside, re-evaluate your position.
i don't understand why people want to get exact entry target from you or others. That's universal, and does not depend on nationality :(
When you talk abou long in your charts, how long are you talking about? Days, weeks, months??
CanaTrader cryptonaive
@cryptonaive, long term? months. Maybe years? This thing is rock solid. Just be aware of the bottom trendline. If it breaks that to downside we need to revisit.
cryptonaive CanaTrader
@CanaTrader, bottom trendline is yellow line?
CanaTrader cryptonaive
@cryptonaive, that's right. Just extend it out as required on your own chart.
What broker is good to negociate cryptos?
CanaTrader BrunoSalles
@BrunoSalles, Purchase/trade? I use poloniex, crypto only. Will need BTC or ETH to trade here.
BrunoSalles CanaTrader
@CanaTrader, trade. Fxopen offer a cryptoaccount as well.
hello, i'm your fan :)
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very nice ;)
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