Where i think this cycle is going for icx (still bullish)

BINANCE:ICXUSD   ICON / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
So ICX has had a rough time in the 2-3$ range for a long time now. Overall we are still up 2000% from a year ago, Steady does it ....... right ???
With big youtuber's like Bit boy giving icx the 1st place spot for underrated/ sleeping giants out of all of the altcoins it goes with saying hes not wrong.
Sitting at around 1 billion marketcap is TINY in this cycle. Do i think icx could do a 10x-20x from here ??? HELL YES. Sitting at 10 billion - even 30 billion is not far fetched.

ICX is always one of the last players to pump. You need to remember this simple thing. Don't chase the hype. its tempting sure, but the coins no one is talking about is the ones who will
do the 10x-30x moves at the end of this cycle. Billions will flow into smaller SOLID projects, and ICX is sitting at that top spot with his crown.

I could mention a few other solid projects that will pump their tits off towards the end of this cycle - XVG - DGB - ONT - DASH.

Coming now to the chart, all the lines are rough previous supports or resistances. I know its messy and rough but it gives a rough guide where icx is heading.
Increasing volume over the last week is nice. ICX/BTC broke out of a 968 day downtrend ( well its almost broken out )
MA have flipped bullish also for the first time in years.

I only see up from here. There will be some big dumps along the way. I expect a 20+ % pullback at around 5-6$ not to mention there is a sell order for around 13 BTC of volume at 6$ for ICX.
Should this worry you ??? Not really. They will be bought up pretty fast, but there will be some red because of this one single sell order.

ICX overall is still bullish and i see it hitting 20$ + this cycle. Good things come to those who wait and the ICX community have waited a LONG time now.

Stay strong.

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