IPO - Invitation Homes $INVH - CEO John Bartling

Dilihat 378 kali
378 8
95% occupancy
$1600 avg rent
62% margins
13 markets
3700 homes in each market
97% of markets has over 2000 homes
All rehab teams are in the market.
Buy, renovate, rent.

American Homes for Rent

INVH is Part of the American Rental Housing Council
Provide a consistent experience for renters
Create best practices

John Bartling, CEO
Saw him on Bloomberg on IPO day Feb 1, 2017
Komen: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/invitation...

Dividend policy will be to distribute 90%+ of income to investors.

Summary of link above:
1. Lifestyle Choice for millenials. Bringing a professional experience into housing. For when you move into the suburbs and rent a home (lease).
2. It's about lifestyle choice: Average renter is a family that is 39 years old, and both are working in the family. They have children and are coming from the city. They want to put their kids in a good school.
3. Rent increases were 6.5% in the latest quarter. The rental market is tight and there is a limited supply of rental housing in the US right now.
4. Overall, the portfolio 48000-49000 homes. Sold 2600 homes over the past two years. We recycle some capital.
5. Focus on executing. Driving best practices to our residents. Still early stages.
6. Can you get efficiencies? Need 1000 homes to get scale, ultimately at 2000-3000 homes. 3700 homes on average per market.
7. INVH loves its footprint of markets.
8. Largest REIT in this market of home rentals/leases.
9. 15.8 million homes are in the lease market in the US.
10. The CEO of INVH is the Chairman of a National Rental Housing Council. The industry might consolidate to 3 million homes in public ownership.

I suggest you also listen to the video on the link above.
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But is that a recommendation to buy?
@2use, I didn't really "make a call". I simply put the story out there. I did buy it and posted that in the Key Hidden Levels chat room, but this chart specifically didn't say to buy. It's just informational. It looks like a decent way to earn a buck, leasing out houses that they fixed up and take care of. Seems much better than putting your money in the bank. This way you know what you own and how you earn money and are aware of the risks. With banks, anything can happen, although banks are insured and backed by the US Gov't implicitly. So, if you are looking for yield then you have to figure this name will be a new "top name" income name in the near future due to its size in the market.
2use timwest
@timwest, indeed, i wanted to just know what you feel about it - cause it was so neutral i was not sure how to read it :)
Going great Tim! Great call.
Hi Tim. is it me or the chart shows nothing?
2use 2use
@2use, Sorry, its the IPO, forgot about it. Feel free to delete or disregard
@2use, No worries. The first day's range. I thought I'd be the first one to post a chart on the symbol ;-)
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