IOTA short you too - #thebigshort

IOTA is open source software code

The prices of these coins are a bubble
The technology is real
short bitcoin/altcoins long blockchain is the trade.

Target 50c
stoploss $6.00
And don't post if you don't know what you are doing. You are just confusing others.
lol. keep shorting buddy.
Are you the James Dimon of crypto?
And another question: What do you think is the best way to invest into blockchain technology?
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ziptrade El_Hefe84
@El_Hefe84, learn how to code solidarity and start your own blockchain startup.

Read 100 white papers on the topic that interests you the most/you have the most experience and go do an ICO after plannng for the business for 6-12 and consulting the best people in that industry on how to do it.
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ziptrade ziptrade
@ziptrade, 6-12months that should read*** edit
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Hey ziptrade,
thanks for your interessting assessment.
Why do you think the IOTA-price is a bubble?
There are many use cases for IOTA in the future and so I am convinced, that when the water in the cryptomarket goes down, only the coins with appropriate applications in the real world will remain. What do you think about this?
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ziptrade El_Hefe84
@El_Hefe84, i think every crypto token is a bubble.
You can download the source code of any of these tokens FREE online.

An ICO is only viable when the money raised can be used to go PROFIT and run a business.
When you release the source code online, unless you have a community willing to do stuff for free eventually you're going to need real money.

When you raise money you issue more shares (or coins) and dilute the existing holders.
For example if you raise $100 and issue 100 coins at $1 the market cap is $100.

If you then go spend the $100 and have to raise another $100 at $1 you now have 200 coins, $100 cash and your VALUE should still be the same.

The price someone is willing to pay for that coin is something completely different.
ziptrade ziptrade
@ziptrade, theoretically when you double the capital base of something (double the share count) you halve the PRICE but VALUE stays the same..
In a rational market anyway
@ziptrade, Yes, the crypocurrenice market has a trackrecord of rationality. Sorry but I don't see any argument here why IOTA should go to your target. In fact, it's in the middle of breaking out towards 5.50
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