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There is really nothing to update this weekend that I see. For once I was bummed that price settled in the blue box. The price target for Today (Friday) was approximate 6.50 and if you include afterhours, then we closed at 6.53. I would have like to have seen it close at near its high. But oh well. I am still confident that Jnug will continue to go up for most of next week. However, special attention will be paid to when I am planning on selling in order to buy in to JDST for the end of cycle drop. I feel that Tuesday the 11th will be the last day of the cycle. (I know that is a tough call). So if I want to get into JDST for the drop then I have to sell my jnug early enough for that 3 day settled funds rule to not bite me in the butt. So assuming I am correct, I would have to sell my Jnug by next Thursday in order to not get hurt holding JDST with the new cycle pop. So that's it, nothing has changed since my last few posts. Everything looks pretty darn good. GL
Komen: Jnug wave count update

So I went ahead and measured the micro wave 1 and copy/pasted it to the bottom of wave 2. As you can see the purple line with the blue arrow pointing at it is the exact measurement of wave 1. So I believe that we should at the minimum reach that line by tomorrow. But I am really hoping we get to the grey box just below the #3 to end the wave 3. I am probably going to move my sell order price for Jnug down to 7.50 just to be safe.
Komen: If things continue the way they are going today, then this is wave 4. Wave 3 looks to have ended with the gap up this morning to slightly above the first line I drew. Tomorrow looks like we will begin wave 5....I think. If that is the case, then I prefer this way better because the wave counts will end possibly a day sooner, giving me more room for the JDST trade. GL
This is very early in the day to say this, but it appears that we wont drop lower than the 6.75 - 6.73 level as that appears to be the top of wave 1. So I updated the chart to show where wave 5 could possibly extend to tomorrow. I once again measure wave 1 and copy/pasted it from the current bottom of todays candlestick. As you can see, that would extend to the 6.53 range. But don't get your hopes up that everything will work out perfectly. It rarely does. So if it appears to get close and is running out of steam, it may be a good time to sell and take profit. A real good extension to this wave 5 would reach the 100 DMA at approximately 7.65. Then into JDST. GL
Komen: SO we closed green today. That is kind of throwing me a little bit but not in a bad way. What I mean is, because we closed green, I am wondering if that was a wave 4 today or will we actually have a complete red day tomorrow. If it is red tomorrow, I would not fret. If it is a big green day, then that would probably be a wave 5. Only one more 8% day from where we closed today and we will have just about reached the 7.60 range.
But I actually do feel that today was wave four and that we have already started wave 5. So I guess tomorrow will let us know what is going on.
Komen: So I sold my Jnug today at the end of the day at 6.87. It is strange behavior from Jnug the last couple days. I did not buy into JDST yet. I am going to wait and see what happens tomorrow. I don't have a crystal ball, but I am looking for that 5th wave to complete in the morning and then whipsaw back down to start the end of cycle sell off. We will see if that happens or not. If Jnug tanks tomorrow then I will just wait and buy the dip. I am looking to buy Jnug sometime on Monday - Wednesday in the low $6 range.
Komen: Wow! Gold shot up. Leave it to Trump to make this thing move. (Missiles/airstrikes fired into Syria) AND....make Jnug finish it's 5th wave tomorrow. I will be watching this closely. If gold is able to sustain itself over the 1265 - 1267 range, then we will have affectively finally broken the 200 DMA. The next stop would be that upper trend line which I do not think we will break. I was wondering in the back of my head if we would test that line this rally/cycle. When you zoom out, it only makes sense. It is almost as if the future is written. IT really blows me away. How many times do we watch and wonder what will trigger Jnug and Gold to finish a wave pattern, and then low and behold something happens to do just that.
So back to Jnug. Depending on how strong gold moves the next few days will kind of dictate how deep (or shallow) the end of cycle drop for Jnug will be. So I will post a chart as to what we could expect. I highlighted the shallow drop Jnug had for the cycle that ended on 1/26. But at this point I am just not sure. So I will be watching to see how it works out.
Nice trading and big money. Have a great night everyone.
Sold and reenter later
bingwu dickinson
@dickinson, sold jdst?
@bingwu, Sold JNUG.
bingwu dickinson
@dickinson, how do you know the exact number?
@bingwu, It patern number. E.g. Double low, then 7,9, then 6,55. Now is not clear direction at the resistence area 6.80. But thinks down.
Sold all my JNUG at 7.26 and looking for reentry.
SalN dickinson
@dickinson, me too. I am waiting until Tuesday at least. I really believe in the end of cycle sell off
+1 Balas
@SalN, At 6.9 area could be local low for a small retracement.
SalN dickinson
@dickinson, I bought jdst this morning when jnug was at 7.26. I think Jnug will drop to 6.36 to 6.08 by Wednesday at the latest
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