LSK - Lisk short-mid+longterm Fibonacci No. 2 (correction)

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
new follow up on my last Lisk chart - here is the correction of the Fibonacci resistance fan

small Fib is shortterm
middle Fib midterm and
overall Fib is longterm

Lisk saw some updates on their Server-daemons - v 0.80 atm

and they are aswell a big Hodler of Byteball

and after that higher Low we can draw a new uptrend
still, make your own TA to have a comparison
yours coinwide
Komen: trade active, looks good so far

to serve more fundamentals about the Lisk Foundation here is a link to their last financial report:
Komen: client update to Lisk Nano 0.2.0 + Lisk-JS 0.4.0

Interesting point, sidechain operators can develop their own wallet and tools with Lisk-JS
Komen: this one depends on the Lisk Nano update + outlook
Komen: trade active

as heard Lisk is planning a rebranding with some marketing measures aswell;
so stay tuned
Komen: amazing day, we saw a sharp increase and took some profits here
Komen: sorry, didn't updated Lisk chart in the last days

we saw a normal retrace back to 33-35k Sats but overall Lisk held steady in that range

expecting a good rebounce in the following days!

If you are interested in a longterm hold and want to stake (get interest) on your Lisks - create an account at, save your wallet seed (to restore your coins everywhere) and as a backup you can download the Lisk Nano to your PC from there.
As a next step, you have to vote for Delegates (=Masternodes) in your online wallet. You can vote for 33 Delegates at once at a cost of 1 Lisk. Maximum Voting Power is 101 Delegates.

E.g. i voted for the whole group - robinhood - liskpool_com_01-18
cause they share a good interest rate and most of them put an amount of that interest into Lisk development.

If you want to know more about the Lisk forging/interests - just write me a comment and i'll answer - btw there are much more Delegates to choose.
Komen: perfect retrace - we are in buying zone for good long term uptrend
Komen: Community Meeting (Transcript) - April 28th, 2017

Posted May 9th on Bitcointalk

Link to the community meeting video

-Android and iOS wallet planned
-Lisk travels to Consensus 2017
-rebranding already in progress
-PR company working on news article, interviews, podcasts, video interviews
-new timeline concept for every product to come - Lisk core, Explorer...
-sidechain owners will be able to connect to mainnet via WebSockets (no mainnet node has to run besides sidechain node)
-bounties planned - bug bounty program for Devs
-stashed Byteballs will be held whole distribution phase
-Isabella stays in Berlin ;)
Komen: Lisk Nano got a minor update to version 0.2.1
and the overall Outlook for Lisk is very good - i'll announce more about it the following weeks

Info for Lisk Voters+Stakers:
meanwhile there is a lot happening, the Masternode owners (aka Delegates) are scaling their Voter rewards up - so 40%-90% are good rates

I have a list of all Delegates i voted for, which I am going to share. But due to it's outdated status, more info digging has to be done and will be published here with the official links to get the Delegates background.
Komen: got another buying oppurtinity here below 30k Sats

keep in mind that the staking reward will be reduced at block 3,000,000
which means from 5 LSK to 4 LSK
ETA approximately 19 - 20 days
Komen: longterm trade active; just sold some LSK in anticipation to buy in at a lower price

Yes, finally Lisk got it's attention and has been yesterdays TOP Volume Coin on Poloniex!

As said, i'll gonna publish an updated Delegates list for Voters - I'll just need more time (or rainy weather ;) - Lisk ANN on Bitcointalk to get yourself informed:
Hello mate!
Oh yes I like the 40-90% rewards!! I'll take it!
My curse effected LSK. Whenever I buy a coin, there's an 80% chance it will tank in price almost instantly haha. Thanks for the chart, I'm still learning, so it's good to see charts made from people that know what they're doing. Question for you, what example of your short, mid, and long term.... Certain numbers on the Fib? Thanks!
coinwide kitaki2crows
hi @kitaki2crows, thx for the compliment. Instant profits happen seldom, except in risky trades where you "catch a knife" in an oversold status.
But i prefer coins + solid technology behind which are undervalued.

To answer your question, the Fib in the middle is the shortterm outlook and the 37k Sats should be achieved easily within weeks. The other Fibs are the next possibilities but i can't say any timeframe. But as i saw with my XRP Chart, aswell those can get hit very fast.
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