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It's crazy how much Lisk is gaining confidence and start to be famous in the trader world so that I had to write three posts to follow it's evolution. Fundamental didn't change (which is normal) and Lisk is still the best project for hosting the code of Dapps. In the previous post, I've put some buy zone at the level 0.5 (by 50% of your cap at this level) and I've suggested to distribute the remaining to 0.618 level. Except that it has never touch the 0.618 and it had barely exceed the 0.5 level. But for selling strategy, we had seen that we had trigged the selling at the level 1.272 and 1.414, you should now have sold 60% of your cap. Now let's see what we will do next.

The fundomental didn't change so please look at my previous post if you want more information about my opinion: .

If you are still holding lsk, DON'T SELL IT. We may see the price touch the price 0.00177852 (or exceed it) before the real correction happens. However, lsk can also correct by just touching the level 1.414 (as it was for SC ), so you should program your buy orders starting from 0.00120227 and expand them to the 0.0011836.
For selling strategy, we can already program the sell orders starting from the level 1.272 and expend it so you could sell 50% of your cap at the level 1.414 and 90% of your cap at 1.618. The remaining 10% hold it or sell it at 0.0028932 (the level 2.618).
I will follow the trend of Lisk and update my analysis and update the buy/sell prices depending on the evolution.
Komen: If you have followed my strategy, all your buy orders should have been filled. Congrats... Now, you should make the sell orders and program your alerts.
Komen: For everyone who wonder if you should hold LSK. The answer is yes: a big accumulation is going on.
Komen: As I have said in my update of the SC post, the market is under recession right now. This is mainly due to uncertainty in Segwit and in Ethereum project. Unfortunately, this have dived other good projects like Lisk even if they continue to shine and to improve (Lisk has released recently the version 0.9.0 with many improvements).
However, because of the market feeling right now, I've changed the buy zone and the sell zones accordingly.
Komen: Lisk nano 1.0.0 is released :

Idea Berkaitan

@sabirdeux thanks for the Lisk nano update!
I got in at .00128 and i can see only a sideways movement since some days. What is your analysis of the situation ?
sabirdeux Zain910128
@Zain910128, yes you should. Big accumulation is happening in LSK which basically means that many poeple are buying in this range and that the reverse of the trend (bearish -> bullish) is happening. Also some news are out which should pump the price
Zain910128 sabirdeux
@sabirdeux, Thanks for your comments, what do you think should be a likely short term target ?
sabirdeux Zain910128
@Zain910128, any shitcoin (no fundamental - scam) that breaks resistance. I can't help you with that because it's gambling for me.
@sabirdeux, whats your thought on holding long term. lets say 6m to a year. do you think it'll be over $10 or hard to say?
sabirdeux christian10862
@christian10862, If it will hit 10$? I think yes, the project lisk is just awesome from a developper view: Very easy platform, enable many uses cases and simple to use. So for me, it merits a market of 349M$. The problem now is that there's many other project that try to rival Lisk by creating platforms (less interesting from the developper view) that are like etherieum ones (ubiq, stratis, tenzos, antshare, etc, eth) and this slows the pricing of Lisk. I think we need to wait for the release of the version 1 of lisk and wait for projects that use Lisk to appear to get to 10$.
Any update on this or are we still on for the same targets?
sabirdeux patrickreiner
@patrickreiner, yes still the same targets
patrickreiner sabirdeux
@sabirdeux, Thanks!
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