LSK ascending - strong move ahead?

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After we've succesfully defended 0,0004 we can see ascending triangle and risin wedge forming on the chart. another attempt to break 0,00045 - the key pressure level is due. patterns should complete in day or two and either confim or deny the uptrend but it all looks good for now. i would expect another leg up in 0,0005 area soon. if we defend 0,000445 as new support after that it will be very bullish sign.
Haha nice! We worked at same triangle in same time :) Look my comment today
Good luck! Very nice chart! :)
oldstout oldstout
Sorry, wanted to share link not pic, cannot edit now;/
humoongus oldstout
same targets here ;] we will see i hope it will play out before the end of this month
+1 Balas
oldstout humoongus
:) I mean this triangle (with 50k upper line, a little bigger than your):
humoongus oldstout
baby steps :P but the big picture is your chart... first hard pressure is at 0,382 right were you've put it. i hope it's money time this time ;]
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