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Hi All!

Today we are going to share with Fellow traders the Best upcoming trade for the next few days/weeks. Arise Chickun!

Long LTC quarterlies.

Entry: $29
1st Target: $40 - Aston Martin Db11
2nd Target: $50 - Playmate + Aston Martin Db11
Stop-Loss: $25 - sell house, buy more Litecoin


LTC/USD in the chart.
LTC/BTC: Long and boring accumulation has been going on in 0.01-0.012 zone. Some high-volume spikes upwards indicate accumulation.
Good luck, start accumulating, don't fail on this superb trade! Wait for Bitstamp and Uber announcements - will keep you updated :)

Happy trading! ;)

P.S. PM for trading group invite ;)
Dagangan aktif: Almost $1 up within one hour of publishing ;)

Re-entering cloud = buy signal.

- https://www.etoro.com/markets/ltc
eToro just silently added LTC trading! pumpppp

Come on, Bitstamp, we waiting :D
Dagangan aktif: This doesn't happen often, but we have another $29 entry opportunity for late comers.
Last one.

Reason that this happened is some sick wack0 player waited until night to be sure Bitstamp doesn't announce the news. Then he liquidated the biggest BTC player, 12500 BTC position wiped out.

Now a big player will buy the liquidation, and push the whole crypto market into another bubble, together with Stamp announcement.

Also, be aware of https://twitter.com/mkomaransky/status/872481022709039105
Cumberland mining started with 30k btc
now those fucks able to buy 202k btc from gox
if now we are witnessing manipulation and mega-pumps... what happens then... 10-100x pumps on coins incoming ;)

Komen: Today is a fucked up day in crypto. That 12.5k btc liquidation brings in mess into ltc too, unfortunately. Stay strong.

Positive news:
Charlie Lee is back from holidays and tweeting/retweeting.
"Wanna try #Segwit transaction on #Litecoin with @BitcoinTrezor? We just released Segwit support to Public Beta: https://beta-wallet.trezor.io "
Komen: Good news keep piling up:

Trezor is the first Litecoin hardware wallet to support SegWit!


Do not get shaken out by the vile whales of OKCoin who manipulate BTC and unfortunately take LTC with it. Soon we get our deserved rally. Bitstamp, halo :D

Happy trading! ;)
Komen: Don't let anyone shake you out of position. That's what the whales want. But we are close to super-moon. I am buying all the dips.

"Yours is launching with LTC micropayments on June 12th." http://boards.4chan.org/biz/thread/2331516

"With Segwit and Bitcoin’s current block scaling deadlock, I see a potential for Litecoin to help Bitcoin break through this deadlock. Litecoin can take a lead and be a positive force in the cryptocurrency space. We have been drafting behind the Bitcoin race car for many years. It’s about time to take a turn out front." Charlie Lee

Happy trading! ;)
Komen: Whales suppressing price with 51% attack now.


But it doesn't cause much price drop.

Bad news not dropping price mean strong underlying market structure.

I see this as buy signal.
Komen: Reducing position here, the news seems weird. With comment being old 2 months ago. It brought price up by $1, which is nice, but I don't see myself comfortable here.

This is what I expect for the weekend, slight drops for reaccumulation before Bitstamp announces next week.

Happy trading! ;)
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: All went according to the plan, reloaded sub-$30, and then up.
Intermediary target reached: $35, profit $6.

Reload around $30-33. Can see some drop because of F2Pool having 55% of hashrate and BTC being overbought. Also Bitstamp still no announcement (they said they would announce several days before they add it). LTC/BTC shouldn't get hurt that much.

Happy trading! ;)
Dagangan aktif: RELOAD $30-$33!!!! Target hit. Most EXTREME bull-div ever. F2Pool issue solved.

Unfortunately, 100.000LTC has been liquidated. Disgusting!


Happy trading! ;)
Komen: 1st TARGET REACHED! Aston Martin Db11

We did not stop there and going for Playmate very soon at 2nd TARGET.

A lot of new info has been unveiled. Stay tuned for next analysis!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: 2nd TARGET of $50 hit!

$29 -> $50, 70% gains, 7x on leverage. With our intermittent trades, this was more than 100% gains or 10x on leverage.

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