The entire sector has fallen

The entire Cannabis OTC sector seems to be in absolute peril the last few days.

I know many are cutting their losses and getting out, so forgive me for being a bit of a bag holder now and and buckling in for the storm.

I do not know how much further down this will go, nobody does. I've lost about $800 or so since opening today on this stock, but I'm still going to gamble here and hold this through Jan/Feb and reevaluate then.

I don't know why we're dumping across the sector this week, other than people bought the hype and sold the news.

Looking at MJNA's lifetime chart, some of the historic runups in price came Jan/Feb so I'm optimistic for the future of Cannabis as an investment. I don't think 2 days of straight dumps after legalization in some major states is representative of the sector as a whole long term.

Lets see. If you're holding with me, buckle up!
good trade
Glad to read an optimistic opinion. It is indeed an industry that projects tremendous growth rather than instant gratification. Unfortunately we live in a society where "fast" everything is the norm, specially when it is backed by quick profits. Choosing the right company and patience are key factors. It is important as investors to show our support for the growth of an industry that offers so many ways to positively impact our world as we know it.
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