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There are two major things we are expecting from NAV soon. These are :

  • 1. NAV social media campaign - Thunderclap
    2.Navtech Anon Release

The aim of the NAV social media campaign is to make the currency explode in value as described by the NAV reddit page. They are rewarding users in NAV to spread the word of the cryptocurrency : https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/4792...

The Navtech Anon Release
Nav coin will release a new world class uncrackable anonymous system within the next few weeks. The anonymous sending feature will be compatible with decentralisation, meaning there is no central server (single point of failure). Nav Coin having rebuilt their anonymous send service with this development in mind.

It will be the first cryptocurrency in the world to create a decentralised fully anonymous sending system running purely on blockchains. The white paper shows as that Navtech is utterly real and actionable. Also, other developers have the opportunity for peer review. From a technology point of view, it is exciting. From an investment point of view it portends an increase in value.

These two will align on the 19/10/2016 as I am expecting and as I read through a few forums and chatrooms. Progress can be followed on their bitcointalk:

As always, you get what you pay for, free advice should always be researched!

Komen: There was an increase in BTC which cause NAV to drop a little, still on course for increase on the 19th
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