Support, Triangle and Candlestick Pattern

If you like Classic Technical Analysis this is a good example who combine several things you need to learn and identify in real time and then act consequently with the price.
The first thing is the Big Support beaten several times and accompanied with a lot of bottom tails, then you need to go to the now where you can observe a triangle and in the triangle you can look a candles combination (A red Hammer in company of Big bull green Candle) But now you need to wait for the pullback because this green candle is breaking the triangle. This is from a weekly point of view and remember that you need to go to the daily chart and follow the action. Wait for the pullback be patient the objective is buy at a lower price than the today price, Today 5.00 I prefer Buy at 4.60 or less but sometimes the pullback is not to deep and the price make a rally and you do not enter because you kept waiting for something that never happened this is a big dilemma buy now or wait. This dilemma is because my tips are discretionary based in price action and the decision of entry is based in the behavior of the price and not because a indicator say buy or sell. Other important aspect here is: Resistance line close to 6.00 and here is where it comes into play that my stock picks are for a long term Investors and he need to do the other part of the job that is make the Fundamental Analysis set a stop loss and decide how much of the capital you are willing to put into play
Remember all my picks are for building diversify portfolios (Industry Diversification)
And to finish this company is a restaurant and is categorized in the services sector and maybe do not look too sophisticated for some people but remember Don't judge a book by its cover. This is about making money and not about Investment in popular names only because you wanna seem sophisticated.
Fundamental homework here:
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