NXTBTC Return to Rise

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Currently looking like an overall upwards trend as we hover around the current support line, but resistance above continually gives way to higher peaks. Expecting NXT to bounce between various resistances and supports in the center before returning to the support line of ATH-levels as the new, higher-tier resistance level .
Komen: Now a possible inverted hammer (candle) at new support around 0.00007950, potentially forming a double bottom pattern, which would suggest a rise in the coming hours. Still uncertain as to whether the final leg of a double-bottom "W" will form.
Even lower support lines may be at 0.00007050 and 0.000065.
Komen: Unfortunately, NXTBTC is falling below my additional Fibonacci 0.382 trendline at 0.00007923 (support). If it fails to break through 0.5 Fibb at 0.00009042 (first resistance), it may fall to second-lowest support at 0.236 Fibb level, or 0.00006537.
man do u really think it will rise:?
Detri berkinimamoglu
@berkinimamoglu, I do, against BTC. Whether this occurs because NXT itself increases in valuation or BTC decreases I cannot be certain, but looking at NXTUSD I think it is poised to rise again, even though not to its very ATH. At the very minimum, I do not expect it to fall below 0.000065 again in NXTBTC.

But I do suggest taking this with a grain of salt since this is based mainly on trend patterns and the potential of the coin, not on any incoming news. Thanks for checking out my chart. :)
@Detri, thank you for your chart . i really appreciate if u keep postng updates for the last 9 hours, i am playing in poloniex and not sure if i need to transfer my coins to my nxt wallet or sell it just before snapshot. and last question, as you know poloniex doesnt airdrop so what will be the ideal time to sell in case of rise, i mean how close should i have to sell before snapshot so at least i dont feel the crash
Detri berkinimamoglu
@berkinimamoglu, for time to sell, it will depend on how you view the coin. Do you believe in it? For most things I invest in, I believe that they will have the potential to rise farther than they have currently gone, beyond any ATH they have currently reached. I am a long holder, and regardless of impending crash, I will continue to hold for the future when they rise back up.

If you prefer to day-trade or believe that the coin will crash with no recovery, then I think for NXTBTC:
1) If it does not follow my estimated trendline and instead drops heavily, anything below 0.00007 may be a time to pull out, and you may reinvest after hitting potential bottom of either upper-support at 0.000065 or lower-support 0.000055 (latter is very heavy crash that may take days to recover from).
2) If it rises along the chart, then you could sell when it crosses resistance at 0.00012 and falls below the same line again soon after. (if NXTBTC dumps after crossing 0.00012).

Just my 2 cents, but I am no pro!
@Detri, i m a day trader man, i got into this due to the rise expectation for the fork. but really painful to watch.
berkinimamoglu berkinimamoglu
@berkinimamoglu, when 'is the snapshot for ignis btw , i believe fork time and snapshot are different?
Leiyun berkinimamoglu
@berkinimamoglu, The snapshot will be 2AM CET I believe. The airdrop should be around Jan 1st if Im not mistaken.

As for what happened with NXT.. sadness :(
much potential money lost so far. I'm not at all sure I want to stay in this, but will wait to see whether it bounces once more
@Leiyun, i guess it crashed badly right , do u have any hope to rise?
Leiyun berkinimamoglu
@berkinimamoglu, yea it took one heck of a hit. I honestly don't think it will, bit there's still 4 hours to go
Detri berkinimamoglu
@berkinimamoglu, as far as I know, the snapshot is tomorrow, Dec 28, 2017, "at block height 1636363". Not sure if it will be on time. Best of luck on your day trading!
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