NXT GO UP! New targets here!!

New Long chart analysis! less then a week we will easily take our profits.
- best between 0.000030 to 0.000035
- 0.00009 300% Profits
- 0.00014 450%+ profits
nxt makes me crazy, please back to 10k++ satoshi ASAP !!!!
ualikhan.t danielmuliawan
@danielmuliawan, when u have bought at?
danielmuliawan ualikhan.t
@ualikhan.t, before the airdrop event :(, do you think nxt will rebounce again?
Bkanig danielmuliawan
@danielmuliawan, you gotta hold
Look at GBYTE for example
P-U-M-P danielmuliawan
@danielmuliawan, Here is some advice:

1) Buy low; sell high.
2) Be ready to cut your losses quickly if you bought high.

In regards to number 1)... if the coin has already went up several hundred to thousands percent in a few weeks... find another coin that hasn't pumped yet.

There is nothing special about the Ignis token... (or NXT... or any of these cryptocoins) as they certainly don't put food on the table or save anybodies lives. It's all monopoly money as far as I am concerned and that's why I trade as people think these coins have value... they don't. Maybe one day they will... who knows? I just care about making more Bitcoin and turning the some of the Bitcoin back into worthless fiat so I can buy property... and FOOD! =D

Also... let me state a number 3)

3) Don't assume that a coin will hit the target that a chartist predicts. Many people thought NXT would double again from the 140 area... Well, sometimes it does... but sometimes it doesn't and then you're left holding the bag. But NXT I think will come back... after a month or 2... But I can't say for sure!
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