67% Probability trade on OIH (Put Ratio+Call)

With over 20% move to the upside in the last 29 days, I think is time for OIH to have some sort of pullback or correction. The last 5 candles couldn't close outside of the Upper Bollinger Band , so it looks like is losing momentum and most likely retrace at least to the midline.

Implied Volatility Rank is at 54 so I sold the 28/27 Put Ratio Spread (2 Short Puts at 27 Strike Price for each Long Put at 28). And also added some juice with a Short Call at the 30 Strike.

In total I ended up with $0.40 credit for each contract.

I did 5 of those, so it would be 5x10 Put Ratio + 5 Calls.

Between $30 and $28 I would be making $200, and my max profit of $700 would be at the $27 price (around where the 20MA is). This trade will make profits between the $25.60-$30.40 Price, this gives us a 67% chance to make money.

The trade:
Long (1) 28 Put
Short (2) 27 Put
Short (1) 30 Call
Total Credit was $0.40 per contract
Probability of Profit 67%
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