PSA Simple Token Launching OpenST-Platform Early March

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Hello, friends!

I just wanted to give a little PSA here - this is a bit of a fundamental analysis as well as a technical analysis .

As we all know, OST had a massive runup from December to January. This was most likely because it was such a new coin and everyone was excited to get rich off of crypto in December which followed a catastrophic crash in crypto. However! There is hope. OST is planning to launch their OpenST-Platform in early March. Let's be honest - the majority of the crypto market is completely speculative. Everyone hypes up a coin that doesn't even have a product, the price spikes 600%, then it plummets. HOWEVER! When cryptos do release a product and do show that they can provide value, the price usually comes along with that.

Simple Token is actually a pretty solid project. It is essentially a platform for small to large businesses to incorporate the blockchain into their systems. Once their product comes out, I expect to see a HUGE spike in price.

Now! Let's be clear. I am certainly not attempting to call the bottom. This should just be a bit of an accumulation phase. If the price keeps dropping, you can accumulate more! If it starts to pick up, buy more on confirmation! That's the beauty of accumulating on the way down. Not to mention this coin is There are just too many good things falling into place for OST for it not to bounce back hard with the next bull-run of 2018.
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