PascalCoin / Bitcoin trade management 1

POLONIEX:PASCBTC   PascalCoin / Bitcoin
Going to do two things at this point.

The first is bring the stop up to the red line (0.00129). This is pretty tight but would get us out the trade with a 8:1 plus risk to reward. If we do break this point there's a good change the price will want to retrace to the larger trendline (as per the blue arrow) and I'll try and re-buy at this lower price (shown by the red circle). Basically at this point with 8:1 in the bank, if we do get stopped out i will re-buy at any point that the price begins to turn back up. In this way I protect my profit and make sure i remain in the trade, with the bonus of potentially buying lower on the way down. I prefer to keep a tight stop after a moving so far from the larger moving average as when the price comes down it often comes down fast.

The second thing is to buy more at the break of the current forming range/triangle (the higher, righthand long position indicator), with an initial stop also at the red line.

the only problem is that at some point I want to go to bed and won't be able to manage my stops. despite being in a good trend I don't want to sell or buy without the ability to reverse that, so if nothing has happened before i go to sleep I might cancel these orders and move the stop to somewhere reasonable on the higher timeframe.

Sleeping sucks.


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