PASCBTC - lower risk, high reward play

POLONIEX:PASCBTC   PascalCoin / Bitcoin
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This one has my attention.

T/A - Trend lines everywhere, and they all point one way: up.
Fundamentals - Here's the white paper. I'm no cryptologist, but I like what I see:
Also...the market cap is $12 million (!) That my friends, is dirt cheap. So, I'm thinking home run here.
Someone mentioned that their V2 upgrade would put them on an even playing field with IOTA. IOTA is 1000x the price (you read that correctly) of PASCBTC .

If anyone can comment on the tech side, I'd appreciate it. Regardless, this is worth throwing a dime at. Could yield huge profits.
Komen: Made a mistake above, IOTA 100x price of PASC (actually 120x due to very recent IOTA pump) regardless, this doesn't change anything. Great spec opportunity.
Komen: Yes, market in a bloodbath so all bets were off. Looks like we have made a bottom, however. This chart is interesting, see how we bounced perfectly off one of the trendlines from the original post? Lesson to be learned, these types of trendlines very often come into play when you least expect it.

hey man1
@pipes500, What's up! Long time no see.. haha. Hope you're buying the dip!
pipes500 CanaTrader
@CanaTrader, no dry powder bro...
How much time will it take to double only
CanaTrader VishalGupta35
@VishalGupta35, see above
Do you any timelines in mind ?
CanaTrader Zain910128
@Zain910128, no timelines. Too speculative. Just be patient with it. When it happens it will be fast. Think FLDC
Zain910128 CanaTrader
@CanaTrader, thanks. Speaking of FLDC, what do u foresee for that ? Do u have a chart on it ?
CanaTrader Zain910128
@Zain910128, yes, see my profile. Call still stands.
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