Elysium, the next top 20 coin!

POLONIEX:PASCBTC   PascalCoin / Bitcoin
Elysium, the future of money, 0.00001 now, X100 from here easy.
Komen: This is not a coin I would invest a massive amount in, wouldn't go for more then $100. You have to be so careful, seen so many guys burnt on small coins they thought were going to moon.
Komen: 50% moon, 50% doom.
Komen: Still waiting for something to happen...
Komen: Price has been bleeding down, but there are signs of life from the Devs: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=...
Komen: A 6.5 Bitcoin sell wall eaten in 1 minute!
Komen: 5X up today, where to from here I wonder...
Komen: Well, the Dev team did a runner, but I made money out of it all the same. Remember with these ****coins never invest more then $50, and preferably less then $20, as they have a big chance of losing your money, but one day in spite of all the losses you will get one of these.

Komen: https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...

One amazing win this one!
please be careful with this pump and dump ELS coin , so many people burned , the future of all cryptos is ELSM , the most revolutionary coin
Jason7189 Edmond_66
@Edmond_66, Look at the date, and don't advertise off topic coins.
The real ELYSIUM (ELSM) has a similar name but was the first one out on the market and you can check the domain name to to prove this. E-Elysium.com. The real Elysium coin has a currency ticker ELSM on the other hand, this (els) is a piece of shit pump-and-dump coin. The real Elysium coin as in the website above is going quite well but it's not listed on any of the exchanges because its business model is different than most other crypto coins. The real Elysium ELSM coin is the first cryptocurrency to have a minimum fixed face value; meaning that this coin can't be pumped and dumped and it is secured through an ironclad terms of service agreement. Centralized exchanges or trusted third-party intermediaries will evaluate digital assets based off of a consensus model of what the buy and sell rates are at any given moment and their valuation is updated in real time; however, Elysium uses a "preemptive consensus model" using their terms of service agreement as a means of enforcing the value before it reaches the market. Their TOS AGREEMENT indicates that no one may present or sell 1 Elysium unit for less than 50 Swiss Francs. Their policy is semi centralized; however, this preemptive consensus model bypasses centralized exchanges and essentially has created the largest private blockchain on the market - with a market cap of more than 35 billion dollars. The real Elysium can't be sold or utilized for less than the minimum fixed face value. Eventually this will become the gold standard in all cryptocurrencies because the market will seek to store their digital assets and a cryptocurrency and that can't lose value less than the minimum fixed face value. There will be some initial bottlenecking in the supply and demand of this corn until it reaches full Market acceptance. There is going to be a total Supply of 704 million ELSM units in the current block time is two and a half minutes. The block reward is quite generous and rewards scrypt miners with 550ELSM. They have an Android wallet on Play Store, Windows and Mac wallet, and they are constantly updating and improving their peer-to-peer environment. There's even talk that they might do a hard Fork and adopt Dash's model. This company has extreme potential because they're even creating their own e-commerce platform that is very similar to openbazaar. There will be a private messaging application as well embedded into that program that will function very much like WhatsApp. They have been consistently updating in improving their core infrastructure since day one. They are one of the best kept secrets in cryptocurrencies. Their official launch date has yet to be determined but I suspect it will be sometime in August. Their development team will be making a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Exchange requiring no trusted third party. Buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency will be able to create smart contracts as well to indicate who the buyers and sellers of a particular block or set of ELSM units will be through blockchain earmarks. These contracts can be used for Insurance hedging.
Thanks for the great overview, I will definitely keep an eye on this!
Jason7189 m4z3n43
@m4z3n43, I'm so sorry man, but ELY is dead, the Devs did a runner, made money, but got out.
Jason7189 m4z3n43
@m4z3n43, If you want a good coin, Burst is excellent.
m4z3n43 Jason7189
@Jason7189, Well I was about to do my research, thanks for the quick response -
+1 Balas
what exchange do i buy these coin? i only can buy bitcoin, and eth, i really want to buy safecoin. but can't find the exchange that can provide the service or trust worthy enough. thanks
+1 Balas
Jason7189 HeroJason
@HeroJason, I don't know about Safecoin (unless your talking about Maidsafecoin) Best place for trading is probably Poloniex.
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