It's time for TenX is life up to its value. Break out soon!

BITTREX:PAYUSD   TenX Pay Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
TenX/Pay is consolidating now for about three months and becomes slowly but steady unsettled. Considering that  TenX  is one of a few Projects that have an actual product, I believe the PAY coin is one of the next that will surge!

What me made to invest in  TenX  is basically, the more transaction  volume the  TenX credit card processing, the more valuable PAY is. The value of this token is driven by transaction volume , not from the increased usage of the token, which makes it different to nearly all other currencies, if not all.
Token holders will receive 0.5% of the whole payment volume that is spent by the  TenX  debit card. The payments to the token holders will be paid in Ether as PAY is an ERC20 token.

Without doubts, if uncertainty rises, which will at some point due to the speculation game that is going on and we’re all caught in, then actual working products with a real-life use case will be the save harbors as they have value. Reminder: Price is what you pay, value is what you get. 

After the surge in the beginning of August, the price has plumped due to on VISA license issues and the rise of Monaco, which is a competitor in this niche. Since then investors confirmed the former support line at 3.1$ as the current important resistant line at the 38% FIB level.

Bullish signs:
- We see a huge flag that has been formed, which indicates a break out soon.
- We also see a huge cup and handle which ends at the upper line of the triangle.
- MACD is in the bullish zone and has crossed the signal line.
- Volume is about to accumulate. Whether or not the volume is enough is unclear yet.

Waiting for confirming bullish signals:
- ADX and DI: If the green line goes up we have a signal. As narrower the angle is, as stronger the signal is as stronger the signal is.
- Breaking the flag at 2,8$ is a good sign, breaking the resistant line at 3.1$ is an even better signal.

Target 1: 3.8$
Target 2: 5.6$

Disclaimer: Please to into account that I am not a professional and solely try to make sure to invest smart. As I appreciate the trading ideas by others a lot, I want to share some thoughts. Hence, feedback and corrections are very welcome!

Dagangan aktif: Pay is about to surge!
- Flag has been broken and the 4h candle has confirmed that 2,8$ resistant has broken.
- ADX and DI also give a decent bullish signal at the 4h chart.

If the target 1 is reached, we will see PAY rise to target 2. rather quick.

Komen: BTW, I'm sorry for my spelling mistakes. I'm better with numbers and English is not my mother tongue. So bear with me and I'll promise to double check next time my spelling and grammar.
Dagangan aktif: The first target was briefly reached and we see a consolidation. Resistance at 3.131 seems to be confirmed. Now we need volume to go into surge mode.
What languages do you speak? Also, have you looked at the TenX to Bitcoin chart? (PAYBTC?)

There is some potential 3x'ing, 4x'ing maybe 5x or 6x on some of the charts; what do you think?

Here is one chart:

And the rest:
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MarWar mightytrader
@mightytrader, I'm German and very lazy with grammar and correcting spelling mistakes. It's a weakness I need to address. Anyway, I'm looking at PAYBTC day chart and it looks like PAY is gaining momentum. The downward trend line is broken. MACD also crosses the signal line and buy volume is increasing too. ADX and DI gives a bullish signal as well. In fact, it looks like PAY will turn bullish soon. Only RSI shows it is overbought on the daily chart.

I see 0,000396 as important resistant. Once the price breaks that line, PAY will surge. Afterall, TenX is an operating business. I don't understand why people risk missing that chance?! Anyway, good for us I guess :) What do you say?

MarWar MarWar
@MarWar, Maybe we will see first a double bottom...
@MarWar, Danke für ihre Technikanalyse. Sehr gut Englisch; viel besser als mein Deutsch! Ich kann gut Deutsch lesen aber leider nicht sehr gut sprechen oder schreiben weil ich aus Amerika komme.

I really cannot tell the difference; your English is very well written and better than most Americans. (I'm very serious!) Your writing is native and I would never have guessed otherwise.

Well, TenX in terms of satoshis is actually less than the August levels. It's at a bottom. I am not using a stop-loss on this because if it goes lower, it's 95% manipulation or some temporary issue.

I think it can at least 3x. It is currently my largest position and I will patiently hold (HODL) even for a month. You are right (Sie haben rechts!), it is an operating business and I believe works more like a stock than simply supply-and-demand (as most cryptos are based on).

People are not buying because it's not a hot-pick yet. People like to play cryptos like the slot machines and roll dice.
A liitle too soon perhaps.

Maybe January?
MarWar Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, Hey man, good call! In fact, I made this analyze on the Day chart. So the triangle points towards new year eve. Yet I noticed that most cryptos have not the patience and surge earlier than expected or much later. As Pay is hovering in that sidewards channel for about three months and the handle is completed, it might go sooner than later. I'll keep a close eye on it though.
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@MarWar, The deal is, with BTCUSD rising, most alts will go up.
MarWar Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, It's a pleasant development that BTC can rise and some alts follow. A few weeks ago that was different.
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@MarWar, The alts are just catching up. Wait till BTCUSD hits $100,000 or more. When the cryptomarket hits $10 T USD then we will see the world transform.
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