What can i do for you? (Investors and Traders)

Between NYSE and NASDAQ there are approximately 6390 Listed companies.
I follow 1300 approximately, distributed in 10 industries, with different market cap (Small-cap, Mid-cap, Large-cap)
The majority of Investors do not spend their time looking hundreds of stock charts, because they are busy people and they prefer a summary of ideas,
some have preference for Energy Companies only, others prefer Public Utilities Companies, some like Technology Companies and others Consumer Services Companies,
Apart from that add the different Market cap (Small, Mid, Large) that offer the whole market
and here does not end everything, things like Beta, PE Ratio, Avg-Volume, Dividend Yield, etc. are those that most influence the decisions of some investors
there are also those who need short selling ideas for cover your Portfolios and all this can be combined with stock options.

The market is very big and offers a great variety of opportunities, that many miss because they only focus on the companies most named by the financial media
a clear example is the Technology Industry where the financial media and the social networks only talk about (Apple-Google-Microsoft-Facebook-Amazon)
and forget that there are 164 NYSE listed Technology Companies and 435 NASDAQ listed Technology Companies.

It also happens that some have a cognitive bias between Basic Industries Companies and Technology Companies because they think that
Basic Industries are unsophisticated and smell like coal, especially the youngest without experience
and not to mention the aversion that young people have towards Finance Companies (Banks) because they fell in love of cryptocurrencies.
Look now with higher interest rates the Financial industry is going through a good time after the 2008 crisis, and the crowd do not see that

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