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pivx is a tricky girl, playing shape games and breaking down. but it is gearing up for some big movements so i will not let this trade die young

i moved some money into pivx yester day at low point and now we have come up slightly and are forming a nice ascending triangle .

keep watching guys and gals

hopefully this can make our armstrong and let us walk upon the moon

watch the charts
watch the news
watch the gains

happy trading and good luck ladies and gentlemen
Dagangan aktif:

we have broken out or resistance.

may just be testing all looking positive for now!!!
Komen: we have some serious tight bands on the 5 minute chart

might in for a nice little run up the upper band
will continue to update on exits and entries
Komen: this is a very nice steady climb

watching for retracements stay tuned a good way to pick up 5 - 10 % along the way
i like this for two reasons

it helps your learning and understanding of trend and chart movements
and also allows more sway to pull at the top more room for error on the gains you have made

obviously you have to weigh up your own risk reward for such small fast swings but in my book good trading is about capitalising on profit oppurtunities and reducing you chance of failing in trend movements
Komen: above we have the 15 5 and 30 minute charts
all riding inside of the upper band. this has got some serious legs
we see bands tightening on the 5

i will be looking to rebuy on first retrace on 5 minute chart.

adding large some to what seems like a very big movement from PIVX

who likes making fucking money!?!?

thats a nasty red candle
looking to see if it bounces of 15 MA

for a rebuy

bounce off the lower band on the 5

still may pull down to the MA on the 15

watch this very closely!!!!

keep those hands sstrong

dont let the whales steal your profits

looks pretty good right now
this looks like it will give us another squueze on the bands and lead us to another pump

it is very shaky though!!!

keep watching your own charts

good luck
ladies and gentlemen

watch for triangle formation

have alot of sell orders around 7900
hopefully this sideways movement lets accumulate positive momentum for another run

watch for bear break down!!!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: pulling out for now. we have had a good run

rule number one
do not get greedy!

it may level out and go up again however im taking my profits and watching from here

be sure to watch my ethereum post to follow my movements
if yuou are so inclined

once again these are ideas not advice!

do your own research!
Where is this run going to stop?!
tradingtradefortading without_worries
@without_worries, check my previous post about pivx. I had my sell zone set for 8500 - 10000
without_worries tradingtradefortading
@tradingtradefortading, ambitious...
tradingtradefortading without_worries
@without_worries, at 8300 now not too far to go. I pulled out as mentioned above
without_worries tradingtradefortading
@tradingtradefortading, still in...
without_worries without_worries
@without_worries, now out, out at 8750 - oh the stress
tradingtradefortading without_worries
@without_worries, i would have been involved but had a close friends birthday. Risk reward when leaving charts alone in crypto is not ok hhaha. Glad you cleaned your bill brother. Make dat fat stack!
+1 Balas
without_worries tradingtradefortading
@tradingtradefortading, Send 'close friend' the invoice...
tradingtradefortading without_worries
@without_worries, hahaha I made them aware that's for sure. Ahwell time to chart something new !
im in on 0.0007900
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