POE train

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608 20
I finally caught the train, let's see if we can pull this one off.
Komen: I would set a target of 979 at this point but will keep an eye on it and adjust.
Komen: Stop loss at 720
Komen: I was too ambitious! Gonna set a new order at 839 for a 4% gain
Komen: On the 5m looks like an head and shoulders is forming. Probably gonna reach more than 900 but I'll play safe this time.
Komen: I like how it looks on the 5 min chart. RSI dropping, MACD wanting to cross to bullish.
Komen: If it breaks the 900 resistance, maybe it forms a double top around 1100...
Komen: I see a cup forming up... might place an exit order around 1100 sato
Thank you! Feel free to follow me on twitter, as I'll keep working on my analysis and publishing there too ;)
@fnneves, alarde following..
any tips or videos/texts to improve my knowledge?
MrElessar MrElessar
@MrElessar, *already
fnneves MrElessar
@MrElessar, You have to be a bit obsessed in the beginning, but I strongly recommend the videos from ChartGuys as an intro, and then slowly build a list of people who tend to get their ideas correct. Use the growing knowledge to understand their analysis and calls. That's how i'm doing it :)
@fnneves, I guess that obsession is taking control :)
thanks for the advice, going to check chart guys..
It was beautiful...great work!
Our ride is about to stop! Nice profit from the remaining 25%.
I will look for 1100 area to sell.
I sold 75% at 894 and the rest will wait here until 1100! Nice 10% profit :)
@fnneves, still reachable those 1100? :/
fnneves MrElessar
@MrElessar, if you're already profiting I would take something out to play it safe. If you can afford waiting for 1100, I believe it will get there eventually in the next hours/days
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