BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
I think this coin is at a good buy opertunity.
Expecting a rise in the nex             few days...starting soon

I think this correction will be fast and short, then it will hit 15000
You should extend your fib lines man, makes it easier to see. But i do agree, looks to be riiiight under the 618, if it can break through, should be some great gains to be had
ravnikarluka DeepPuddles
@DeepPuddles, thanks for the tip man...I think we can get some money out of this, I am definetly in this (short term for now)
DeepPuddles ravnikarluka
@ravnikarluka, for sure! i'm still learning too, and always will be, so gotta share the tips when we can man! I would probably say short term atm too, but a nice chance for some scalping!

also,i think at the top of your "idea", when you selected "short", im 97% sure that means you think its going to go down, not short term. I could be wrong tho
ravnikarluka DeepPuddles
@DeepPuddles, I think it is going to go down YES...also I am not in this for the long run.

yeah man I am still learning too, picking up small profits along the far got more then I lost (hoping not to reverse this trend :D ) haha
DeepPuddles ravnikarluka
@ravnikarluka, ohhh gotcha gotcha. Hey man, as long as your profiting, or even if you're losing a little, if you're learning, you're setting yourself up for life changing opportunities down the road a litte ways. Good luck to ya man, I'm not holding any POWR at the moment cause I'm ALL IN on one coin lol. Will buy some again though later on.
+1 Balas
ravnikarluka DeepPuddles
@DeepPuddles, best of luck to you my friend :D
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