For example I sharing this idea now and you are reading this now, you quickly get the idea, without me having to persuade you,
because that would put me like a used automobile salesperson position, trying to convince you, to buy shares of this company.
The broker is not paying me a commission, for convince untrained traders that this is a good idea only because I say that is good.

I'm trying to make a reputation like a stock picker who put ideas based on price action in the desk of Professional Traders.
¿How can I get credibility and demonstrate that high percentage of my ideas works?
* First is that I not publish a stock symbol twice. And if you're interested, you'll have to take on the task of looking at all my ideas and establish
what is my ratio of ideas that work well compared to the ideas that did not work. (Win/Loss Idea Ratio)

* Second and the most important is:
All analysis publicly published on Trading View stays public permanently, neither users, nor moderators, nor Trading View staff can delete an idea.

Trading View does not delete published analysis. Why?
Komen: Why - it’s part of TradingView’s philosophy and mission. We are working toward bringing more transparency and accountability to discussions of the financial markets on the web.
In more detail, working with the financial markets is part art, part science and part luck. That means that everyone will sometimes get something wrong. The natural instinct is to only show your best - but that’s not really fair, is it? Getting better at anything requires to be perfectly honest about successes and failures, with yourself first and foremost.

Nice setup, how might you play it?

Wait for the retest and go long? Options? Sell credit puts?

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