1. ER report +320% earnings growth (want played out)

2. Traders are scared of "data leak"+"regulation" will bring company down to zero. Thats why company lost 30% valuation on premarket. And got back to -3% in same day.

3. China wants to regulate "micro-loan industry". That was played out bearish , but it is actually bullish . China wants to BAN small and bad companies - competitors of QD. Means more profits for QD in future.

4. No serious risks in China Crysis in near term future (look at Tencent earnings report), economics might actually boost from here and now.

This will eventually end up 30+. When? don't know, but i think here is the bottom.
Komen: -13% at premarket on the fact, that it complies to regulation and changes its credits to 24% effective rate annualized instead of 36%.

And this still played out bearish, because of future earnings will be lower.
But now we all know that company will do everything (and fast) to present on the market as a leader. I still think thats an opportunity.

Will try to Buy this after downgrades.

Current Price Targets are irrelevant:

Nov-20-17 Initiated Needham Buy $30
Nov-15-17 Initiated Stifel Buy $35
Nov-15-17 Initiated Morgan Stanley Equal-Weight $28.70
Nov-14-17 Initiated Macquarie Outperform $36
Komen: Another -25% down.
China gov. will make a statement this week about the whole microloan industry.

First downgrades came out:
Nov-24-17 Reiterated Macquarie Outperform $36 >> $24 (ha ha, with credit rate slash from 36%/y to 24%/y)

Waiting for more downgrades to come + "sell the rumors buy the facts" thing.

Still waiting to buy, no reversal seen on the chart.
Komen: One more downgrade:

Stifel analyst, John Davis, reiterated his Buy rating on shares of Qudian (NYSE: QD) but cut his price target to $19 from $35
Dagangan aktif
Komen: Back to 16! Volumes are pretty small though!
Komen: great ER report. hold
@KholleKhokk Thanks for the write-up. Do you have new updates? What do you think about the earnings next week?
KholleKhokk worldsapart89
@worldsapart89, hey. Not much. We all wait for earnings report. Which will show either QD is a leader in China and should be priced in 3x from current prices, or Chinese regulator did manage to stop its growth. I think that it will show that market is wrong - and price will grow large.
+1 Balas
worldsapart89 KholleKhokk
@KholleKhokk, there has been so much institutional buying lately, so I'm hoping big money knows something most of us don't.
KholleKhokk worldsapart89
@worldsapart89, we know it too. Market just doesn't price it IN.
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