RDD chart prediction of january

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I think i have good prediction for you guys as ive been researching the chart patterns.
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Thank you, I am looking for a good position to enter for long term. Should I wait for it to fall to 120?
Hey! what do you think? it will cross 200 satoshi?
The resistance support was broken at 188.
When comes the downtrend?
Dentist88 AlinConstantin
@AlinConstantin, It might cross cross 200, i dont know when it's going to break but i would assume that today or tomorrow the downtrend will start before the big jump.
I've been doing these chart since rdd was 14 and started chart drawing right after i started to gain price, so far pretty much every drawing has been quite succesfull hitting almost the right spots.

But right now i started to look at the big picture and this is kind of a test to see if it works. Hope this will help you guys also if you can look past the ugly draws.
I know this is hard to understand at first, but just look at the lines, i've made redlines represent where most sales happen and the the green are for buys.

The "/" lines are guidelines for the buy trendline and the "-" lines are for the end of the triangle predictions where the buys will probably happen and where the sales will meet.

Just dont take this as 100% true.
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