Looks Like a Very Good Chance for REPUSD to Make a Breakout...

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... within the next 7 days. Am I for certain on this one? No, but that's what a stop loss is for. No risk = no reward.
Komen: We are looking at a "potential" 40+ percent return here if one were to buy at current price of $5.14

Komen: 40+ percent if entry at $5.14 and sell at $7.50
Komen: Simply posting the Weekly TF in case some want to see it. The previous charts were Daily TF.

Komen: We are definitely going to test $5.35 again very soon in my opinion. I have drawn the red scribble line again in the 4h TF to give a picture of how this can possibly play out.

Komen: I changed the color of the red scribble to yellow and added a yellow dotted horizontal ray to mark where I actually had stop loss set for $4.86974. Came close but not stopped out. I have since, lowered my stop loss just a bit more cause I believe this has the potential to rally.

I like it, I'm in.
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