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Whether you look at the Euro or the Rouble and compare them to the WTI then it looks all everything depends on the USD. At moment the dollar is strengthening. If I woud add the USD index then it would also be the exact reciprocity.
It's clear again. All the world depends on the USA.
At moment, however there is a bottom bbuilding in the weekly EURUSD chart which shall cause a rise in the WTI and the rouble as well in this logic.
If this s true then the rouble can edge up to 0.0168 (59,50 Rbl ./$). This looks likely because of this would mean a breakout of the current triangle(red), teh edge of the falling Linear Regression Channel and the 38% Fibonacci Retracement .
I don't trade this due to the large trading spread. So don't expect updates to this idea, please.
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