Siacoin SCBTC - Cup & Handle and Speculative Future Targets

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
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To me, Sia still seems way undervalued & ignored based on its potential - and it looks like it's forming a large Cup & Handle . Target is on the chart.

And just for future reference I put some extra speculative targets, not based on anything except some trendlines I found and the fibonacci levels. Not recommending trades based off of those - but if it does shoot up those might be points to watch for if you're thinking of taking profit on the way up.

My only real trade recommendation for this is to BUY & HOLD :)
Normally I'd say wait for a breakout, but I think in the long term this is a no-brainer. Even if it doesn't complete the Cup & Handle or follow this chart in any way, I think a year or 2 down the line you'll regret not buying a bit of this while it's still cheap.
Komen: Looks like its on it's way...
Komen: Looks like it might be forming a Cup & Handle (or an ascending triangle depending on how you look at it) on the 5 min chart, the target would be 0.00000310 which is pretty close to the target for the big Cup & Handle I originally posted about (target for that is about 0.00000330)

Komen: We've got a breakout - let's see if it holds...

Komen: that smaller C&H didn't play out, but this is also a possibility:

It could also take a few more weeks before it's really ready to break out. Didn't really expect it to jump like this so soon anyway...keep hodling :)
Komen: Working out pretty well so far!

Just speculation, but if it forms a bull flag or pennant/triangle, it could bring us right up to the target:

Komen: Damn, not bad. Looking like it might do it.

Komen: I don't know why I didn't notice that the lines got all out of whack in the screenshot above this one lol. Don't know why that happened
Komen: There she goes again!! Will it hit the target?

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Don't know how I found you but I'm glad I did :)
Could you possibly do a chart for dgb and your thoughts on it
Agreed, that's why I loaded up on SiaCoin months ago. This is one of the few coins actually does something.
What are the reasons you see sia maturing in a year or two?
tourist irishdude5186
@irishdude5186, Sia is creating a decentralized cloud storage system with outstanding privacy features and redundancy at a much cheaper cost then mainstream cloud storage products. The developers are top notch and focus on developing the product, not hyping it. So in a year or two when they start bringing on a lot of business watch out, the product will market itself, and the value of the coin will reflect this. Buy a million Siacoins and wait until it goes to a dollar - thank me later for making you a millionaire.
@tourist Thank you. I really appreciate the input. How do they calculate that it will be cheaper than a centralised cloud storage like AWS? Are you on telegram?
tourist irishdude5186
@irishdude5186, From their cost calculator: http://siapulse.com/page/tools No I am not telegram yet as I just heard about it for the 1st time from you.
Nice thanks!
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