Siacoin 15 minute: Bullish cross and flag breakout. With targets

POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Here we see siacoin having found support at the 1.272 fib. Coincidentally, below this level we should consider getting out for another pullback.

Now, we're breaking out of a flag pattern . For confirmation, closes above 388 and 407 should do.

Upside targets are the fibs, but most notably for now the 550-570 level, because we can identify a bullflag here, and this would be the flagpole projection area. Expect resistance there and another bullflag, or else a top and a selling opportunity.

Finally there are good arguments for assuming it will not stay long above the yellow dashed line.

Check the related idea for more targets and trendlines . it has the chart on a longer timeframe and some interesting indicators.
Komen: do scroll the price-line for some more fibs higher if needed.
Purchased at 383 hope I am not late. I will hold it to get profit. everyone say it will go up , but do you have anytime frame when it should happen ? 378-381 are risky numbers
any thoughts?
@fskoro, We seem to be consolidating sideways on top of one of the fibs. the consolidation is in an uptrend. I'd say we are moving soon, perhaps to the upside.
+1 Balas
Nice chart! Thanks for sharing.