Silver? Why not!

TVC:SILVER   CFD untuk Perak (US$ / Auns)
6 months of wedge for Silver .

Scenario A:
The lower line of the wedge is holding. Silver may pick up momentum from there and leave the wedge towrds the 20 USD.

Scenario B:
Another yet bullish retest of the trendline around 15 USD. If the retest is a spike (intrady retest) then I would expect an even harder reaction which might pierce throught the wedge towards 20 USD. A slower retest would have to be analysed before setting new targets.

Scenario C:
Not again. Single digit silver ahead?

My take on this. I would like A most while I think A or B are both probable. However in my opinion scenario B has the higher probability to happen.

Furthermore (even if B or C take place) I think the general big picture and trend is up.
Komen: Scenario B activated ?!
Dagangan aktif: Just like Bitcoin silver goes bull in a day. Fake B means A?
Komen: I better stop commenting. This is a long term thing. Back in scenario B currently...
Komen: I really start believing in 'A'. Chances to go lower have passed by. Probably too much on the buying side. I wuld not be shocked if Silver made it up through the wegde in april. (Please don't start acting only based on this post. Any silver buying and trading is your decision and will happens under your own full responsability.)
Komen: Good start into the week. But if it fails to go higher (18 USD range for eample) then it may easily fall back below the wedge pattern...
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