TVC:SILVER   CFD untuk Perak (US$ / Auns)
Look.... Poor Silver has been manipulated for years... but that's okay.. Cheap $silver for us right??
Better hurry up and stack as much as possible cause things will change quick...!

Silver is completely off the radar to most investors,
it will turn out to be one of the best investments to own as the massive amount of leverage in the stock and real estate market evaporates...

March 26th: China Petro Gold Backed Yuan Starts Trading on this date. No more Petrodollar...

The last 7 years... JP Morgan has accumulated over 130 million ounces of $Silver bullion. HMM

We look at how many net short contracts there are,

It is super undervalued compared to other metals, Palladium , Platinum , Gold .
It is artificiality cheap due to manipulation.

Silver indeed is true wealth. EVERYONE should have some bullion with them.


Thanks for the chart. I have been waiting for silver to skyrocket!! Very soon, I hope.
+1 Balas
As usual it's been trying to break that $16.60-80 "ish" line & continue to climb. But nope. Which for us stackers is fine, but at some point it has to break.
I've watched it skyrocket 2-times this week but just sat back. So it broke out BUT the trend line didn't lie & fall again she did. Still in a range +/- 20%. ALL manipulated & everyone knows it . Opportunity to buy hasn't been this good , for this long since the drop out in December which was VERY short lived then shot right into the mid-uppr 17's which is still way undervalued. Most all analysts are leaning towards a mid March-April breakout & substantil rise. We shall see soon enough. Keep stackin' & prepping till you can't.
+1 Balas
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